‘Shadowhunters’ Review: Suffering Siblings

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The search for the Mortal Mirror led to an uncomfortable and increasingly dark hour of Shadowhunters.

While “A Dark Reflection” continued season two’s impressive breakneck pace, it also managed to feel as if it skipped a few important beats.

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Take Simon and Maia, for instance. Last week Maia stepped in to help Simon face his family as he juggled all the secrets he needed to keep, including his broken heart. Naturally, it led Simon to open his eyes and realize how awesome Maia is so he decided to ask her on a real date.

But she declined; opting to stay friends. Okay…maybe she’s worried Simon’s not over Clary, right? Nope. More like she has her own past issues that she’s not ready to deal with so she’d rather not try a new relationship.

Having read the books, I know all about her past, but up until now the show hasn’t done much to suggest she might be gun shy when it comes to romance. Especially with Simon—remember how they were almost a thing before Clary decided she wanted Simon? I love the idea of digging deeper into Maia’s psyche, but this seemed like a jarring leap.

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It also felt a little too much like a way to prop the eventual love triangle we all know is coming between Maia/Simon/Izzy. Maia rejected Simon only to make a catty remark about him and Izzy. And Izzy being Izzy took the opportunity to encourage Maia to give Simon a real chance. Again, it seemed like they were working a little too hard to set up future tension.

The same goes with Izzy’s fear over Max. We all have concussions thanks to being hit over the head with foreshadowing. There’s no question Izzy loves her little brother, but like Alec, she was raised a warrior. It doesn’t make sense for her to be this nervous about Max doing his own thing as a Shadowhunter.

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Izzy’s spidey sense tingled throughout the hour solely so none of us could be surprised when Max ended up in Jonathan’s crosshairs. Wouldn’t that moment have been more powerful without the heavy foreshadowing? A gradual buildup to the eventual terror of knowing Max figured out the truth and rushed headfirst into danger by telling Jonathan he knew would have been much scarier.

(Although, it’s still pretty scary; as far as cliffhangers go, that one hit home).

We may as well continue to the Lightwood trend before switching to the Morgenstern/Herondale drama. Magnus and Luke returned to the fold this week after their meeting at the Seelie Court. Thanks to Luke’s sister’s random reappearance, he learned the Soul Sword was in Valentine’s possession. Magnus assumed Alec didn’t know and rushed to tell him.

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Except by the time he got there, he’d already decided Alec did know and kept it from him. Whiplash, anyone? I love that Magnus’ initial thought was that Alec would tell him, but how and why did he change his mind before they talked? I feel like we missed a scene somewhere. But it doesn’t matter because this development is devastating.

Obviously Alec is in the wrong and Magnus has every right to be angry, upset, and hurt. And God bless Luke for trying to be the voice of reason to remind Magnus that Alec is way more trustworthy than the Seelie Queen. I hope Magnus gets onboard with Luke before he does something rash like put his trust in the queen.

(Also, please fix Malec immediately, thanks).

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Valentine attempted to track the Mortal Mirror, and Jonathan’s demon side prevailed. The boy is not all right. He veered between killing first and asking questions later and wanting his sister to see his human side so he decided to kiss her. No, no, no. NO.

Clary and Jace argued about whether or not Jonathan could be saved as they tagged along with Dot on a quest to see where Jocelyn hid the Mortal Mirror. When Jonathan showed up in all of his burned glory, Clary chose Jace. She pled with her brother not to kill him, and she also tried to get him to come over to their side.

Was he considering it? Hard to tell. He didn’t kill Jace so that was a major plus, but Dot used her power to thwart him so Jace and Clary could escape with the mirror. Now he’s angry all over again and poor Max is in the dangerous zone.

Since Clary’s awakened a new power that gives her visions of the future, maybe the angels will show her the truth before it’s too late.

(Also, any time Clary and Jace want to start kissing again, I am here for it).

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