Gays of Our Lives: Baby Rabies

People of the Valley  (Wales)

Sigh.  Another gay couple.  Another gay couple obsessed with having a baby.  But as much as I don’t like it, at least Iolo and Tyler have talked about it off and on for the past year.  They have to know that having a baby with Kelly would be a disaster, though.  She’s a walking mess and the entire pregnancy and upbringing of the child would be one crisis after another.  And as much as they were talking about separate houses, if they do decide to do this, I bet she winds up moving in with Iolo and Tyler.

I found it weird that Iolo and Tyler talked about the kid being confused by being shuffled between different homes in a town where very few children are being raised by both biological parents.  Kind of backwards thinking for a non-traditional couple.

Am I the only one who thought it was a little hot when Iolo and Macs were bickering and Iolo threatened to beat Macs up if he started some trouble and Macs said ‘I’d like to see you try’.   I know they are brothers, but that scene had some inappropriate sexual heat.  

I still want Iolo’s ex-fiance William (played by Macs’ real life brother) to come back, if only so everybody can pretend William and Macs look nothing alike and Iolo didn’t nearly marry someone who looks just like his brother.  Of course it’ll never happen.  Speaking of which, when Iolo talked about knowing someone who went the surrogacy route and Tyler mentioned William (who has a baby with a lesbian friend of his), I really thought that was really random and wondered why they mentioned it.

I find it extremely hard to believe that Gwyneth confessed to her crimes and allowed herself to be taped.  It’s such an old trick (one she would pull) and I don’t buy she would fall for it.  Very, very contrived.

So now that Macs is staying and he and Iolo are at war, I wonder what kind of trouble he’s going to cause?  

This is wild speculation, but I bet that as Kelly, Tyler and Iolo plan a baby, Macs (who will sleep with any woman, especially if it’s inappropriate) will have sex with Kelly.  She’ll get pregnant and they won’t know who the Daddy is: Iolo or Macs.  And given that Macs is already a deadbeat dad, the baby will probably be his, devastating Iolo and causing more family drama.  Like I said, it’s speculation, but that’s what I think will happen.  I hope it doesn’t.  I’d hate that for Iolo, but I don’t see this baby story ending in nothing but heartbreak for him.

To be fair though, Iolo has been relatively happy since he and Tyler got married and this being a soap opera, you don’t get airtime if you don’t have drama.  I just wish baby rabies wasn’t the drama.

Shortland Street  (New Zealand)

It’s nice to see Jack in a storyline all of his own after spending way too long on the shelf.

I wasn’t watching when that cop was on the show before, but he’s gay, right?  Didn’t he and Jack have a moment?  I would loooooove for Jack to get involved with an sexy older man.  Mo would freak out, but I would loooooove it.

This missing bodies story is stupid, especially with where it ended on Friday.  I mean, nobody, but nobody would keep stolen brains under their bed. Stupid.

I’m really not sure where this drugs storyline is going.  I mean Jack is being very self-destructive, but why?   Is he just rebelling or it something else?

I knew the show would never go there with that threesome, but I wish they would have and not have the characters feel guilty or suffer for it afterwards.  Sometimes these things happen and you just move on.

I am glad Mo didn’t blame Kate for not telling him about the drugs.  It was not her place and Jack is a grown man.  Kate should not be tattling on him like he was a child.

RedWater (Ireland)

Well, it’s likely we’ll never see Keiran and Andrew again because it doesn’t look like the show is going to get a second season.  That’s too bad.  

It was the same old trope of the closet case in love with the out gay guy, but them being blood relatives was a provocative twist we hadn’t seen before.   

I really wish we could have seen more of the story played out and I hope, even though the chance is slim, that happens.  There’s so much we don’t know about their past relationship I really would have liked to have learned.

Like, we found out that Andrew’s dad knows about the affair.  How did he find out?  It seems like he’s always known or at least known for a long time.  Yet he didn’t do or say anything about it.   Why?  I wonder if Andrew had made the decision to leave his family for Keiran when he went to the bedroom?  We’ll probably never know.  Like I said, so many questions will go unanswered.

This was one of the most intriguing stories I’ve seen this so far this year, even if I didn’t get nearly enough of it.

Rownd a Rownd (Wales)

I’m really starting to wonder how things are going to end up for Rhys and David.  Right now it doesn’t look good.  Rhys is headed to prison on a few weeks for fraud, or so we’ve been told, and David has burned so many bridges since the reveal of the affair and coming out.  I just wonder if we might be seeing one or both of them making a permanent exit.  That would be a lousy end for the story, but things look pretty bleak at this point.  But like it or not, Dani and her family have a right to be hurt and angry.   I also think David does owe Dani the money for that trip since he lied to her knowing she’d already sent in her share when he had no intention of following through on his part.

And I’m wondering what will happen when everyone finds out that David is still working for Wyn.  There’s bound to be some anger over that. This just seems like it’s leading to their exit.  I hope not, if only because I like both characters and our shows don’t need to lose anymore gays.

That was a nice scene where David told Mecial he didn’t mean to hurt anybody, he just fell in love.  But it left me thinking that we’ve never had David and Rhys telling each other they loved one another.   In fact, it’s been awhile since we’ve really had any scenes with them dealing with their relationship and how they feel for each other.  I hope that’s not going get lost in the drama about everyone’s reactions about the affair.  I’d also like to see more scenes with David and his sister, who does support him.  He needs someone on his side and the show should let us see that.



  1. it would be awesome if it was trimmed a bit, he is hot with just the right amount of facial hair.

  2. Thanks for noticing how frumpy Johnny’s wardrobe is. Derek knows Johnny from one of those community theater productions (Christmas, maybe?). Their whole interaction was clumsy and heavy-handed, but I think it was supposed to be Johnny being an easy target for Derek’s frustrations that he couldn’t take out on Keegan. If it means we’re on the road to a story for Johnny, I’ll overlook it and move on. He needs more scenes outside the Vic, anyway.

    All the baby stuff is a turnoff (now we have baby stories in 3 UK soaps), but it may be the death of my interest in Iolo & Tyler. The possibility of a Will-Sonny-Gabi-style living arrangement is a drag on both of them as well as Kelly and can’t possibly have a happy ending. Maybe that’s the point. The Gwyneth situation was resolved too easily, but it removes her from this storyline so I’ll go with it. She’s no longer needed to create drama now that Macs is back on the scene – and he’s far more interesting and attractive. Oh, and that full beard doesn’t flatter Iolo.

  3. Is Robert going to learn that Aaron is having episodic amnesia about the events of two years ago and is starting to recover his memory?

  4. Mo had a surprising non-reaction to Darryl the first time it looked like he and Jack might hook up (technically all they did was hang out and kiss once) so I doubt he’d care at this point.

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