‘Days of our Lives’ Week in Review: Our Town

Rafe and Hope make a shocking arrest. Courtesy JPI

Pans of the Week

Dumb & Dumber

Chad and Sonny’s fate is decided. Courtesy JPI

I love you, Chad Dimera but it’s because I love you that I can call you an idiot. As DAYS viewers, we already know the Salem Police Department is always a little slow on the uptake but Chad really outdid them this last week. I couldn’t believe Chad thought he was doing the noble thing by turning himself in for a crime he wasn’t sure he committed as the only evidence against him was deleted. Did he think those charges were going to stick? Did he really think he’d serve a long sentence and come out feeling redeemed? Him stressing in a cell with oil slicked Sonny Kiriakis over how to beat these charges was even sillier than the doppelganger plot – but not nearly as enjoyable.

To paraphrase what Julie Williams said this last week, whoever killed Deimos Kiriakis deserves a medal and not jail time. By now, I really don’t care if Deimos was killed in the garden or the parlor with a knife or spatula – I just want this case wrapped up. It felt like the writers were ready for that too as they worked overtime to have Sonny and Chad begin to remember more details about that night. Surprise, surprise… neither of them remembers killing him! The new memories played out much like everyone in town was telling them from the beginning, that coming upon a dead body doesn’t necessarily mean you were the culprit. Again, it was no surprise when the two went to court and all charges against them were dropped because how couldn’t they be?

Now with the amulet that resembles a weed pipe back in play, the suspicion is pointing toward Eric and Nicole now. My initial bet was on Abigail being the murderer but Nicole feels just as at home with a knife in her hands too. But even while more and more of this story unfolds, I can’t find myself invested anymore. I want my DAYS to be Deimos free again, please!

Caught Out There

Brady is awful to Nicole for the umpteenth time. Courtesy JPI

I’ve mentioned it before and I will mention it again, but Brady Black really needs to take a long, long vacation away from Salem. The character is so unlikable, so unwatchable and beyond idiotic at this point. One thing that I’ve always commended UK soaps for is knowing when a character needs to take a backseat, recharge and reset itself. US soap operas don’t seem to understand this concept and instead continue to ruin characters much like Brady who has become more misogynistic, volatile and petulant as time goes on. Instead of talking to the woman he’s proclaimed to love more than anything about his suspicions, he condemned her to be a backstabbing whore, got drunk and broke into his step-brother’s room to trash it. Yes, this is a grown man with a young son that we’re talking about, not a teenager.

Lucas admitted to falling off the wagon but Brady lied multiple times and was even supported in his lies by his grandfather, Victor Kiriakis. If that doesn’t explain why this man is but a man-baby, then I don’t know what will. It’s very similar to how Steve and Kayla were going about parenting Joey, covering his every mistake for him and telling him everything was okay when it wasn’t. Thankfully that set of parents realized their mistake and corrected it, however it’s much too late for Brady now. He’s so entitled that he literally cannot own up to anything because it seems he always has to be one step above everyone else. If Nicole isn’t a cheater then she’s got to be a liar and if Eric isn’t a cheater then he’s got to be a murderer all while Brady is the saint.

Granted, Nicole did keep secrets like she always did only to see them thrown back in her face. You’d think she would learn by now but she never does in that regard, however after surviving a horrifically abusive childhood with her father as well as other men in her adult life, I can’t buy her still sticking by Brady. This last week, Brady tore into Nicole with charges he invented and expanded upon in his head. Even when Nicole threw the evidence of innocent photos she planned to give to Holly in foster care, Brady still found something to condemn her for. While I was happy Nicole didn’t combust into tears like she usually did, I was upset that she barely fought back especially since she stated that she knew this would be Brady’s exact reaction to her forgiving Eric. It was like music to my ears to finally hear Nicole call Brady an idiot though!

I’m happy that people are seeing through Brady’s antics at this point but someone needs to truly confront him about his behavior. There’s nothing that makes anyone want to root for Brady, not ever. I wouldn’t care if every girlfriend he had down the line cheated on him with every member of his giant family; I just don’t think I could feel sympathy for the character. Now that’s a problem that needs to be corrected and fast.

As usual, if I missed something you really wanted to talk about or something you felt was important, let’s start a discussion! Comment below, tweet me and let’s chat!

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