Gays of Our Lives: Arresting Desires


EastEnders:   Phil leaves the car repair shop to Ben, but when he wills the more lucrative car lot to Jay, Ben is put out and hurt, wondering if Phil cares more about Jay than him.  When Jay finds out what is going on, he refuses the car lot, but Sharon convinces him to take it.  Ben seems more and more upset so Jay confronts Phil about why he’s made the choice he has.  Jay is stunned when Phil tells him the real reasons for his actions.

Emmerdale:   When Finn decides to clear out the farm of their possessions, Emma worries there might be evidence there of her holding James hostage.  She discovers a note James had written and tries to hide it from Finn.  Suspicious, Finn searches her pockets and finds the note with the words ‘I Do Not’.  Emma admits James wrote the note, but when she gets upset, Finn decides not to pursue it.  Still, Finn keeps investigating and learns his mother was on the bridge when James died.  Emma admits it’s the truth, but will she tell Finn the entire story?

Hollyoaks:    As Scott and Brody continue to compete for Damon’s platonic affections, Brody launches a plan to ruin Scott’s event at the bar.

People of the Valley:  Tyler and Iolo wonder how to deal with the baby that was left in their backyard.

River City:  Stevie has problems in his business dealings with Lenny and his personal life with his family.

Shortland Street:   Jack decides to protect Charlie and not tell Darryl about Charlie’s involvement with the new drug hitting the streets.  But will Jack regret the side he’s chosen, especially now that he and Darryl have gotten romantic?  While, Jason continues to terrorize Finn and targets Esther.  When she disappears, is Jason responsible?

Unter Uns:   As Easy struggles with coming out to his friends, Ringo figures it out.  Easy fears Ringo will tell everyone before Easy has the chance to do it himself.


Casualty:   Jez’s relationship with Mickey puts his life at risk.

Days of Our Lives:    Paul and Sonny take a big step.

EastEnders:   Jay considers telling Ben Phil’s secret.

Emmerdale:   Aaron’s anger gets the best of him.

Holby City:    Lofty is certain Dom still has feelings for him.

Hollyoaks:     Scott is urged to be honest.

Neighbours:    Aaron is stunned when his father’s will is read.

Shortland Street:   Jack gets a clue.

Unter Uns:  Easy fears coming out will ruin his friendships.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. Ugh, not again with Ben’s daddy issues, why he needs to search the approval of such a vile creature as Phil Mitchell is beyond me.
    And why will Easy worried about losing his friends when most of them are also friends with Ringo (Who is a dick to them most of the time)?

  2. i agree with everything you said its sad cause i thought him and darryl had a lot in common charlie was like an addiction to him hopefully we get the real jack back soon in todays spoilers he learns to let go hopefully it will be charlie and we are done with him

  3. Yeah though I don’t really blame Darryl. Jack is acting like an idiot and the line about how Darryl ‘wasn’t his father’ was just ugh. Jack not caring that Charlie’s responsible for a man’s death and letting him near the house whilst a gang is after him is just weird as. It’s one thing to want to help someone, but to ignore that they’ve done a truly awful thing is not in Jack’s nature at all.

  4. I don’t mind Robert risking Lawrence’s life because that man is just as vile. It’s nice to see the target of a villain’s schemes actually deserve it for once.

    Aaron used Gordon’s money (perhaps via Liv’s trust fund). That was one of the things that made him so angry at Robert when he discovered that he had been hiding his big investment from him. It was a delicious irony that Robert’s scheming put him into a situation where he didn’t have a legal right to live in his former home.

    I can’t wait to see what Finn has planned now that he knows most of what happened between James and Emma on the day she killed him.

  5. Totally agree about the Jason storyline on SS. So DOA. I don’t get why they would write gay characters like this. Reminds me of the horrid Hugo Carmont nonsense back in 2005 – brings back terrible stereotypes just like you said.

  6. watched Man in the Orange Shirt and i agree the first part was everything sadly the second part is not that strong and honestly i careless about them, i need more Michael and Thomas..
    in Unter Uns if they let go Finn i just can’t, those two are just beautiful and Ringo and Easy looks good being friends more than that i just can’t see it :(

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