‘Shadowhunters’ Season 2 Finale Review: Raising the Angel

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Shadowhunters capped off its second season with a jam packed finale that gave us a little bit of everything.

We’re talking romance, danger, homicidal family members, angels, demons, death, rebirth, celebration, and intrigue—all the good stuff we could possibly want—minus of course the perfect happily ever after.

Then again, we’re TV fans. We know it’s too early for that. Not when we have Season Three to look forward to.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Speaking of the show’s third season, can we get that sooner rather than later? Because after the twists and turns and highs and lows “Beside Still Water” brought us, the hour ended with multiple cliffhangers.

Let’s start with Simon and Maia and the Seelie Queen. It didn’t take long for Simon and Luke to realize she’d double crossed them and abducted Maia. While Magnus wasn’t ready to betray her yet, the vampire and his surrogate werewolf father headed to the queen’s domain.

Naturally Maia was already giving the queen attitude because she’s not one to roll over for anyone’s rules (#BAMF). But Simon made some sort of deal that allowed them to leave. Luke wanted answers, but he let it go (far too easily, but they still had other problems at that point).

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After Simon reaffirmed his BFF status with Clary, he used the official “dating” category with Maia. And they were smiley and happy for about two point five seconds before Simon lied, and then headed back to the Seelie Court.

What exactly did he promise the queen? Is he going to live there with her? Let her study him? At first I wondered if he spilled the ‘how I became a Daylighter’ beans, but I don’t think that’s the case. We’ll have to wait for more details, but I’m guessing Maia’s going to be (rightfully) pissed about his lie.

(And she’ll also probably end up rescuing him because she’s awesome like that).

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As for Luke, he celebrated harder than anyone when everything looked good. Right up until the moment his partner arrived and asked how long he’s been a werewolf. Guys, this story remains weird. What’s the point? Where’s it going? Is it about mundanes discovering the shadow world? If so, I wish it was more interesting.

It didn’t seem like Magnus and Alec were going to get back on the same page even with Izzy’s meddling (God bless her). Magnus reluctantly agreed to help close the demon portal, but only because it benefitted the greater good. Although he did pull a badass move and save Alec’s life. He’s the best.

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He also insisted on accompanying Alec and Izzy to Idris when they realized Jace died (more on that soon). Even when they saw the raised angel, he still stayed by Alec’s side. That’s love, you guys, and I am here for it (side note: did they all forget they saw the raised angel when Jace told them he didn’t know what happened?).

Anyway, once everyone was safe, Alec asked Magnus for some one on one time. It was adorable and awkward, but then both men admitted they’d rather be together than apart. YES. They sealed things with a kiss and headed back to Magnus’ for the night.

Finally, we have Jace and Clary. United, they headed to Idris to meet up with the Clave only to discover the Clave was working with Valentine. The guys in charge attempted to behead them, but Jace activated his special angel runes and saved Clary. Then, they thought they beat Valentine to Lake Lyn only for him to pop up, and kill Jace.

I read the books so I knew this was coming as soon as they started running promos that one of their own would die. I’m happy they didn’t break the cliffhanger there with Jace dead. Instead, we got to see Clary reclaim her BAMF title. She used Jace’s stele to free herself from Valentine’s bindings, and then she straight up stabbed him to death.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Maybe it’s a reaction to current events, but it made me extremely uncomfortable to witness Valentine punching her in the face repeatedly. Obviously he’s the worst and he more than deserved to die, but I wish the violence had been toned down a bit (this is why I don’t watch Game of Thrones in case anyone was wondering).

Clary made her wish and the angel brought Jace back. Right away, he seemed pretty troubled by the whole thing. As we all should be because we know how be careful what you wish for works. Even angels come with a catch, apparently. So even though Jace and Clary spent some time savoring each other, Jace grew distant fast.

And he’s keeping it to himself because why not? Sorry, I’m not new to TV, but this move always frustrates me. When will characters learn it’s better to tell others what’s happening sooner rather than later? Probably around the same time us regular human beings do, right?

Oh, and we can’t forget about Jonathan. Before he “died” on the beach he washed up on, he used his blood to open a portal and called out for his mother. And he didn’t mean Jocelyn. The demons arrived and split into pieces when Alec and company fought back, but then they disappeared.

Strange, yes. Even stranger? The demons hatched into the shape of a woman. She used her newfound form to make her way to Jonathan’s side. It’s probably a safe bet she’ll be bringing him back to life.

See you next season, Angels.

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