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Days of our Lives got me good this last week! Not because the stories were enjoyable and the week seemed to fly by – they were and it did – but because most everything I panned the week prior was amended. It felt satisfying to see that the writers of this show can now write logically which in turn makes their characters behave a little more logically too.

While as viewers, we’re always expected to suspend some disbelief when it comes to family members not even letting the thought cross their mind that the beloved town doctor is being impersonated – again, but there should always be some hint of common sense to these characters. They’re not meant to be just characters but to mimic real life people! All in all, I was once again pleased with a lot that I saw on screen.

Let’s check out some of my picks and pans from this last week on Days of our Lives!

Days of our Lives Week in Review for Episodes Airing September 11-15, 2017

Picks of the Week

Blame It

A lot of viewers, including myself, found it very difficult to see Lucas Horton fall off the wagon a few weeks ago. I think the main source of that feeling came from his resurfacing alcoholism looking more like a comedy routine at first, but looking back on it now, I feel like I understand why it was played that way. This doppelganger story began as something silly to turn around a Higley penned snoozer, but very quickly (whether you like it or not), the story touched every person in Salem to bring about new stories. I think some people wrote it off too soon as being nothing more than the usual soap opera doppelganger fluff, when this last week showed that it kicked off something very powerful. Lucas’ illness took a very serious turn this last week and rightfully so; the show went along with it to confront his drinking head on.

Imagine this show had a writer at the helm who fully understood plot, characterization and every other element to a story in the last two years? Maybe Will Horton’s death would not have been an afterthought with no ramifications to all of the character connected to him on screen – there are so many maybes from that time that are finally playing out on screen. I’d be screaming at my TV, “Too little too late!” if it wasn’t all so good.

My absolute favorite moment of this last week was Kate Roberts coming to her senses and realizing Chad Dimera isn’t her baby boy, but Lucas who was currently struggling. Their relationship has always been one of my favorites because no matter what, this mother-son duo had each other’s backs no matter what. But in recent years with Lucas on the backburner story wise, Kate set him aside in her life as well until she noticed that he’d made such a big slip. I don’t think it was very wise for Kate to approach Lucas with his pink slip, maybe do some sort of professional leave so he could seek help but when is Kate ever really cautious with words? Still, I understood her position – and I understood Lucas’ too. Probably stuck in some warped sense of reality, he only heard the finality in his firing and not the offer for help from his mother.

This altercation set off some interactions that felt long overdue and so true to character. First, Kate’s mama bear instincts truly returned in full force and she let Bonnie Lockhart’s Adrienne have it. Interestingly, she wasn’t the cold and unnecessarily callous Kate that’s been around for a while but she was emotional. Lucas was her first baby boy, before Phillip (and Rex, does he still exist?) and she did everything she could to always protect him, whether right or wrong. What I loved the most about this emotional argument was that Kate expressed more disappointment in “Adrienne” than anything else. She’d worked out her feelings of the older woman being with her son, trusted her and even befriended her through her cancer crisis only to be let down when she walked out on Lucas. I thought that was such a poignant route to take with the two of them when anyone else would have just turned it into a bitch slap fest.

Drunken Lucas took to St. Luke’s Church to bust up the happy couples wedding rehearsals. I’m both happy and sad that Chad and Abigail Deveraux are kind of backburner right now because the writing for them when not front burner falls flatter. But I do understand, Chabby was this show’s main story for a very long time and now as the canvas begins to balance out, it’s only fair for them to sit in the back for a bit. Sonny Kiriakis and Paul Narita are always flat together, so there’s no changing that. Lucas came in like a welcome wrecking ball to all the cheer the two couples was spreading, dropping truth bombs like they were nothing at all. Sure, Lucas’ words were harsh for a soon to be newlywed couple to hear, but I was rooting for him every single step of the way. The Sonny worship in Salem may not be as bad as in Port Charles, but it always feels like he can do no wrong to everyone – when he has!

For a man who flirted with his soon to be husband on his ex-husband’s grave then left town and the daughter he conveniently calls his own, Sonny rightfully had no response to Lucas’ berating. Everyone seemed to move on so easily from losing Will except Lucas. Even looking back now, he was really the only character to bring him up and thanks to the writing, those mentions were few. Bryan Dattilo was phenomenal and deserves every praise he’s been getting since returning to the forefront of the show.

Friday’s last scene with Lucas blaming God for his troubles, begging for a sign only to have Will walk into the church was incredibly captivating and everything a soap opera should be. DAYS just continues to have me desperate for Monday to come sooner, now even more than before – and I don’t even like Will like y’all do!

Coryon Gray
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  1. This tears me apart when I see Lucas drinking. Kate is the core the reason he drinks most of the time.

  2. I hate when the show go’s back and make characters into drunks again. Too me it’s lazy on the writers part.

  3. I love your story idea of Marlena battling PTSD, especially with Will back on the canvas. She was so key in his coming out story that it would be an interesting dynamic. Will already has his hands full with his dad drinking again and his husband getting married again, but his return story should be integrated into the show’s tapestry. On other hand, not even the Devil himself could keep Marlena down (remember the possession story?) so surely she can overcome PTSD.

    I had an eargasm when Lucas started telling Sonny (and Paul) what’s what. I’ve been waiting 2 years for that! It’s a shame Lucas had to be intoxicated to do it, but then drunk men and children tell no lies.

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