Days of our Lives Spoilers: October 23-27, 2017

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The search for the truth about Will pushes Sami to the edge, and later leads to an adventure out of state. Will Memphis provide the answers Sami, Marlena, John and others seek regarding their beloved Will? Also: A charade is exposed! Find out what happens in our Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of October 23, 2017.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Sami’s Got a Gun…

The week begins with Sami learning the whereabouts of the infamous Dr. Rolf, and takes off to confront the mad doctor about her son! Sami arrives to Hope interrogating Rolf and immediately jumps into Hurricane Sami mode. She takes Hope’s gun and holds the Rolf at gunpoint to get the answers she seeks herself! What Dr. Rolf reveals is a definite game changer – Will is alive for certain! The doctor admits he posed as a medical examiner and resurrected Will before spiriting his body away. And contrary to erroneous reports and fake news, he isn’t working for Stefano – but before he reveals who he is working with, he offs himself!

Furious with Sami for impeding her investigation, Hope throws her former niece in jail! Thankfully for Sami, Lucas arrives with Sonny in tow to spring her from the slammer. Armed with this new information, Sami reveals to Lucas and Sonny she’s starting to believe what Ben, Clyde and now Rolf is saying about Will is true. Meanwhile, Hope and enlists JJ and Lani in her quest for answers, and later clashes with Rafe over how she handled things with Sami. By week’s end, a new tip from Hope leads Sami, Paul, Sonny, John and Marlena to Memphis in search of answers. What will they find when they arrive? And who will they encounter? The hunt for Will kicks into high gear. You won’t want to miss an episode.

Also This Week

  • Eve’s return to Salem comes as a surprise to the Kirakis men.
  • Eric and Brady have a heated confrontation over Nicole’s decision to leave Salem.
  • Bonnie gets exposed as a fraud! Will she and Sheila flee Salem?
  • Eli opens up to Gabi about a regretful decision from his past.
  • Justin, Kayla and Steve work to free Adrienne from Statesville.
  • Kate and Chad learns there are forces at play to sabotage DiMera enterprises.

Source Sneak Peek – Week of October 30

Eve drops a bombshell. Paul confides in John he fears he’s losing Sonny. Memphis brings about a blast from the past for Sami, John and Marlena. Chad and Abigail’s Halloween gets a major haunting.

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