Day of DAYS Interview: Lauren Koslow and Thaao Penghlis

Lauren Koslow, Thaao Penghlis
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The Stars of NBC’S Days of our Lives returned to Universal CityWalk for its annual ‘Day of Days‘ fan event Saturday, November 11, 2017. We spoke with longtime stars Lauren Koslow (Kate) and Thaao Penghlis (Andre) during the press event about reuniting the dynamic between Kate, Andre and the evolution of their romance.

Days of our Lives has been on fire since the summer, mostly thanks to the writing of new head writer Ron Carlivati and team Sheri Anderson Thomas and Ryan Quan, so fans were super excited for this year’s event.

Like every year, the complimentary event was set for 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and offered fans the chance to meet and greet their favorite DAYS cast members including Lucas Adams (Tripp), Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Lamon Archey (Eli), Camila Banus (Gabi), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), Kassie DePavia (Eve), Judi Evans (Adrienne/Bonnie), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Billy Flynn (Chad), Galen Gering (Rafe), Deidre Hall (Marlena), Bill Hayes (Doug), Susan Hayes (Julie), Drake Hogestyn (John), Olivia Keegan (Claire), Lauren Koslow (Kate), Eric Martsolf (Brady), Chandler Massey (Will), Marci Miller (Abigail), Casey Moss (JJ), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Thaao Penghlis (Andre), James Reynolds (Abe), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Meredith Scott Lynn (Anne), Christopher Sean (Paul), Freddie Smith (Sonny), Sal Stowers (Lani), and Vanessa Williams (Valerie) for autograph signings and Q&A sessions.

TV Source Magazine was on-hand talking to all the stars in the hopes of bringing you some scoop. Most of these interviews are not spoiler heavy, as actors are limited in what they can reveal about upcoming plots. But it’s nice to hear their insight about current and previous stories, as well as other tidbits.

We hope you’ll enjoy our interview with Lauren Koslow and Thaao Penghlis.

Let’s talk about that kiss between Kate and Roman over the summer. It got fans buzzing for sure. Is that something you would like to see revisited?
Thaao: I threw up. I don’t think so.
Lauren: This is Andre talking [laughs].
Thaao: Don’t get me wrong, he’s a wonderful guy, but no.
Lauren: This is my Andre, see what happens. It’s interesting. We worked together and had lots of interesting storylines, but I feel like those characters are in such different places now. I think that’s really what that scene was about – for Roman he’s at a point of his life where he’s reflecting and he wants a relationship and that thing happens with Marlena/Hattie and that awaken him to the idea that he’s missing that, then he thinks of Kate. Was that a mistake to let all of that go? I think that’s what evolved from all of that. I think for Kate though that time has really pasted. Would she want him as a friend, probably a confidant at times, he definitely knows her, they went through so much together? Yes, but I think that would be a romantic thing, too much water under the bridge for them.

Kate and Andre have such a fun dynamic, and the relationship has evolved with you two. Where does it go next?
It’s really interesting where it’s gone for sure, I think there’s a lot of depth now to the relationship and it’s intriguing for me to hear this today, because people are seeing all of those levels because before it was a little black and white. Are they going to come after each other and butt heads? But now there is depth there, the characters themselves are trying to figure things out.
Thaao: I always give credit to the writers of course, but I also give credit to Lauren and myself to the development of where these characters have gone. I don’t think it was on their books to make it where this arc goes. This is where actors have brought in their homework and because of their personalities, and because they like each other in real life – that element, the emotional element surfaces in the discovery of that relationship. If I had to say something awful about her, like the other day there was referring to another actress as a “prune”, “that prune” I had to take that out, she does the same. We are very careful how we treat each other, so the emotional situation that we started to create as we discovered stays true.

Like the time she threw the martini in my face, that wasn’t going that way. I was supposed to take the drink and throw it back in her face and I said, “Men don’t do that,” so instead the producer asked what are you going to do? I said let me show you – we had had a whole group of extras watching and, because of the way Hillary Clinton was being treated as a woman being the first to run as a major party’s nominee for president, when Kate threw the drink at me I decided to do the opposite. What makes interesting scene choices is how you decide to do the opposite rather than what’s the same, when she threw that, I kissed her, well then, she slapped me. We rehearsed that without anyone knowing, they went into an applause after we finished the scene, because it was so different than what was written. You have to sometimes take advantage of what you know beyond what the writers have written.

The character of Andre has come a long way since your return. You’ve brought a lot of complexities to Andre’s portrayal.
Thaao: I was always looking for the heart of the character, because the reason why, to me, in the past they kept killing him off was because they wrote a cartoon. And it was always about putting others at effect, so there was never any vulnerable moments. Having the exchanges with Lauren, having the exchanges with my brother, out of those elements having the maturity you know the tricks you know what works and what doesn’t. You know how to turn a line around when it was written a different way, the thing I love is the prize you get when you have matured. And because Lauren and I are both matured actors we have other things on our foundation that maybe the younger don’t have because they are still discovering the early stages. Kate and Andre very similar in ways they both have a dark side but each other brought an element of light into the relationship and out of that something grew, and the writers paid attention. But where they are taking it is going to be a shock.

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