Days of our Lives Spoilers: November 20-22, 2017

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In this week’s Days of our Lives spoilers: Will learns Susan’s been lying to him about his identity; Paul and Sonny remain at odds; Eve has faces off with the Kiriakis men and Sami comforts Abe. Get the DAYS scoop in our Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of November 20-22, 2017

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Will Learns the Truth

Fearing her ruse is about to fall apart, Susan convinces Will to leave Memphis with her, but Sami makes one last appeal to her son to convince him to return to Salem with her. Later, he runs into Sonny and Paul, and learns they’re engaged, causing confusion and doubt on Will’s part that Sonny is telling the truth. Sonny tries to recover by identifying a scar Will has, obtained the night his daughter was born. Still, it’s not enough to get through to Will…that is until Marlena arrives.

Marlena approaches the situation carefully, knowing she can’t push Will into being who she wants him to be, so she tries to a different tactic. Sami continues to be a hot head and tells off Susan. Thankfully John arrives with Susan’s lover Roger and gets him to reveal that Susan’s been lying to him for nearly two years – he isn’t “EJ”. Post-reveal, Susan suffers a mental breakdown.

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Later, Will has another run-in with Marlena, and after talking with her, decides to return to Salem with them. How will Will react when he comes face to face with Gabi and her daughter?

Also This Week

  • Though Sonny comes to Paul’s defense when needed, he makes it clear to his fiancé that he hasn’t forgotten his betrayal.
  • Susan’s sister pays her a visit in the hospital.
  • Roman and Sami comfort Abe.
  • Adrienne and Justin reconnect.
  • A guilt-ridden JJ tries to see Theo in the hospital.
  • Kristen DiMera arrives in Memphis and reveals a major bombshell to the audience. But if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Days of our Lives will be pre-empted on November 23-24, 2017.

Source Sneak Peek: November 27, 2017 Edition

Will comes face to face with Lucas and Kate. Rafe finds himself on the receiving end of Abe’s wrath while attempting to defend Hope. Sami goes to the extremes in and effort to trigger Will’s memory. Ciara returns to Salem.

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