General Hospital Spoilers: December 4-8, 2017

General Hospital spoilers
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In this week’s General Hospital spoilers: Sam fights for her future; Lulu shares a truth with Michael; Carly’s day goes from bad to worse. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 4, 2017.
General Hospital Spoilers: reputation.

  • Sam fights for her future and later makes her intentions known. Sam pleads with Alexis for help, and later seeks assistance from an unlikely source. By week’s end, Sam’s reunion is bittersweet.
  • Jason is drawn to the familiarity of the docks.
  • Franco wrestles with his conscience. Andre advises him that he won’t be free from his guilt until he tells the truth about what he knew. He later has a surprise for Elizabeth and by week’s end gets more than he bargained for.
  • Elizabeth defends her intentions. Later, a conversation with Robin about the two Jasons solidifies what she plans to do, and takes a leap of faith for love with Franco — she proposes!
  • Nelle tries to play nice with Michael and presents Josslyn with an early gift. All seems to be working…that is until her duplicity catches up to her…again.
  • Olivia crosses Monica and Ned offers a solution. When Olivia is later sidelined, Ned stands his ground.
  • Lulu hatches a plan to get to the bottom of who sabotaged Maxie. When Lulu learns the truth, she’s quick to share it with Michael. Right around the time Michael and Nelle seem to be sliding back into comfortable patterns…
  • Amy is surprised to see Maxie.
  • Carly has a run-in with Nelle.
  • Sonny gets a lead on an enemy’s whereabouts and later has questions.
  • Josslyn receives the results from her investigation and Oscar comes clean.
  • Carly’s day goes from bad to worse.

Source Sneak Peek: December 11, 2017 Edition
Sonny fills in Anna on his investigation. Sam runs into Patient 6 at the pier. Alexis delivers a painful truth. Franco has an attack of conscience. Nelle stands up for herself.

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