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Supernatural Recap: Beers, Bacon and Bullets

Supernatural -- "Advanced Thanatology" -- Image Number: SN1305b_0056b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved.

Last week’s episode of Supernatural revealed the inner struggles both Winchester Brothers were dealing with; Dean’s loss of faith and Sam’s regret over his undeveloped relationship with his mother. But in this week’s episode, “Advanced Theology,” the boys receive an assist from a very unexpected source and a much-needed win after a series of devastating losses.

Supernatural Recap: Advanced Theology
Airdate: November 9, 2017

We open with your typical idiot teens doing idiot teen stuff, i.e. sneaking into Meadow House, home of a psychotic masked doctor who drilled holes into his victims heads. And surprise, surprise, Dr. Drill shows up and drills a hole into one of the kids’ heads while the other completely abandons him and hauls ass out of there. I applaud that move. Screw bravery, I’m serving a survivor look over here! Although, Survivor Teen dipped out with a creepy mask in his backpack so something tells me Dr. Drill will be tagging along and making Survivor Teen not so…survived.

At the bunker, my dream lover is making himself a peanut butter & jelly sandwich while Sam hands him a beer for breakfast and tells him about the case. What? No lecture on how unhealthy that is? Sam’s being awfully chipper & twitchy. He wants to leave Jack behind to nerd out over Sam’s fantasy dork collection, which unsurprisingly, did nothing to curtail Sam’s love life. Because duh. He’s hot, people. He’s also keen on doing a hunt, just him & Dean. Baby boo is all over it.

After talking to Survivor Teen, and by talking I mean watching him draw Dr. Drill’s creepy mask over and over again because this kid is traumatized into muteness, and his mom, Sam and Dean head to a hotel. Except, first Sam wants to check out a strip club. And can I just say how freaking adorable Sam is when he’s uncomfortable? Gah. And that’s the last straw. Strip joints, beer for breakfast, no complaining about Dean blasting his classic rock? Something’s up and Dean wants to know what. Sam finally admits that he’s trying to help Dean find his faith again. Dean insists he can do it on his own with his fave tried and true method: bullets, bacon, and booze. Well, I’m down for at least two out of three!

And back to Survivor Teen waking up from a nightmare. And I love to be right. Dr. Drill shows up & I’m pretty sure he gave him a lobotomy. Sad face.

Back at the hotel, Sam wakes up with flawless hair and spots Dean, knocked out on the floor, snoring, a bottle of booze beside him, a pink lacy bra around his neck, his tie around his forehead & some kind of sex whip or flogger in his hand. God, I love him.

After interrogating the two dead kids’ friend, Sam finds out about Meadow House. Sam meets a very hung over Dean at free breakfast and I’m way too interested in that pile of bacon Dean is grabbing. Dean’s in no mood for Sam’s judgey face but all is forgiven when Sam hands him a bottle of booze. They really are the cutest brothers ever. And Dean is hilarious, the way he peers with bleary eyes at the news article Sam finds, the way he munched his bacon, his “I’m still drunk” survey of the room. Jensen Ackles is just the bees knees. Dreamy sigh. Heart eyes emoji.

They get a call and it’s the Mom. Hey! Survivor Boy isn’t dead yet! Probably. But he is missing. My Winnies put two and two together and head over to Meadow House. And instantly run into Dr. Drill. He knocks Sam out easy mode, and then overpowers Dean. Don’t lobotomize my baby! He’s too pretty for a lobotomy!

Sam saves him and they head through the house. They find the masks and burn them before Dr. Drill can kill them. But the air in the house is still all puffy & cold. It looks like Dr. Brill’s patients are still there and they’re pissed. Sam & Dean need to figure out where Dr. Drill hid their bodies so they can salt and burn them, but don’t have time to search. And being in the “I have nothing left to lose” place that he is, Dean’s first thought is to stop his heart and go ask the ghosts him self. Sam’s against it but before he can stop him, Dean’s stuck himself with a giant needle. Now he’s got 3 minutes to get chatty with some angry spirits before Sam jabs a second needle in his chest to start his heart up again. I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS!

Dean chases one of the ghosts through the house & runs into a reaper, trying to lead him to the light. He brushes off her greeting, but says his first name. She’s like, oh god. She totally recognized him! Those pesky Winchesters have been causing problems for reapers for years! Lol Ha! She goes to the reaper’s corporate office to get help! There’s a Winchester in the veil! I’m dying laughing right now. This show is funnier than you would think.

Ghost Dean runs into Not So Survivor Teen and sad face, he died after all. Apparently, Dr. Drill possessed him, made him bring his mask back, and then lobotomized him. He tells Dean where the bodies are hidden and Dean rushes back to Sam, just in time to see that the adrenaline shot isn’t working & he’s really dead. And standing behind Ghost Dean is Ghost Billie, the reaper Castiel murdered to save the Winchesters! Except she’s holding a scythe. Holy shit, is Billie the new Death?!

Yeah, she is and I am living for it! She’s so gorgeous too, whew. So basically, once Death is killed, the next reaper to die takes his place. Promotion! And she’s not too keen on not knowing everything, and right now, Jack’s ability to rip tears into reality is a big blind spot. Dean makes a deal. Free all the ghosts trapped in Meadow House, and he’ll spill. Gah, what a softy! Heart eyes emoji again. She agrees and it’s done. He fills her in & she’s not happy to learn about Jack & his powers.

And then she breaks my heart when she notices and calls out how much Dean has changed. He no longer believes he’ll always win, and worse, he wants to die. And Dean admits it. He couldn’t save his mom or Cas, he couldn’t even save a scared little kid. He feels like he just drags Sam down, he’s nothing. All the awful thoughts in his head have me crying for him. My poor beautiful, broken boo.

But Billie has news for him. Today is not when he dies. Now that she’s Death, she sees a much bigger picture and Sam & Dean are right at the center of it. They’re important and they have work to do.

And just like that, Dean’s back. He doesn’t tell Sam about Billie at first, but Sam pushes. Dean finally explains what happened with Billie and admits he’s far from okay. He used to believe that what they did was important because they were saving lives. But now he doesn’t believe anymore. He just needs a win. Desperately.

And would you look at that. There’s his win, waiting for them in a dark alley, wearing a trench coat. Welcome back, Castiel!

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