General Hospital Spoilers: November 13-17, 2017

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This week’s General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 13, 2017: Elizabeth is interrupted when Jordan, The Jasons and Sam arrive at her doorstep seeking answers from Franco. What they learn will set Sonny and Patient 6 on a journey to uncover a past. Check out the latest GH spoilers below!

General Hospital Spoilers: The Jasons Work to Prove Who They Are

With Jordan leading the charge, The Jasons and Sam show up to Elizabeth’s with questions for Franco. Confronted, the reformed artist reveals the DNA tests matched because Susan Moore, Jason’s biological mother, gave birth to twins. He doesn’t however, reveal which man is Jason and which is Andrew. Franco’s desire for self-preservation – his own safety and life with Elizabeth – is more important than their need for the truth. Armed with a major piece of the puzzle, the Jasons wonder how to prove the other is the newly revealed twin. Jason tries to convince Sam (or is it himself) that he will be proven right in the end.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Patient 6 have other plans, and it starts with looking into the past of man who arrived in Port Charles in 2014. Perhaps some of the answers they seek lie with their friend, Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake. As for Franco, there’s someone who knows he knows more than he’s letting on – and that someone is Ava Jerome. What does she say that gets under his skin?

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Also This Week

  • Lulu pays Maxie a visit.
  • A scheming Nelle overhears a private conversation, and later takes advantage of a situation.
  • Carly tries to help.
  • Laura attempts to fill a void.
  • Anna learns the truth.
  • What does Ava confront Griffin about?
  • Nathan’s attempts to help a friend don’t go over so well.
  • Patient 6 makes one last passionate plea.
  • Nina puts things into perspective.
  • Carly has questions for Josslyn’s boyfriend Oscar.
  • Alexis’ quest to help Julian leads to a run-in with attorney Nora Hanen Gannon Buchanan, and learns a surprising important tidbit about Valentin. Alexis resorts to blackmail to ensure her end result and puts her him on the spot. How will her half-brother react to this new development?

Source Sneak Peek: November 20, 2017 Edition

Finn seeks out Anna. Patient 6 faces his past. Jason turns to Monica. Ava continues her quest.

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  1. Miss Lilly, everyone is entitled to their opinion…even us girls!! ;) Burton is my fav actor on GH…always has been. Spinelli with him and Sam back in the day was good…comedy gold when Maxie and Sonny were involved! I do think Sam will end up back to her sassy self and will realize Jason is her endgame…even if it doesn’t look like it now. I don’t want it to be easy…lol, 44 and I want them to fall in love all over again. She thought she had Jason back with drew…but needs to realize she is still seeing him as Jason bc drew doesn’t even know who he is! I think 6mos or less, they’ll be back!! Hope u do tune back in at sometime…I think faison wanted Jason out. Of the way so he could do something to Sonny…take all that is his and Drew walked away from it supposedly..although he always showed up to the possible gunfights!
    Hope ya pop back in once and a while! Have a spiffy day! ;)

  2. My last post! I’ve watched General hospital for over forty years, and today will be the last time I watch it. Myself and my mom starting watching General Hospital when I was ten in 1977, and back then it was fun to watch even though the story lines weren’t realistic Since I’m off for the holiday, and a friend stopped by, and we decided to watch General Hospital. Sam as usual had that look on her face that she’s 100% positive that SB is Jason, and my friend stated alright Lilly, and now the story line can move forward,and if Sam decides to move on with SB, or stay married to Drew in the up coming weeks, then that can be worked out in due time. But the old Carly goes Drew, as SB walks into the room. Why am I tired of General hospital after forty years? If we all remember,Billy Miller came in with a different face, and had a chip in his head that had to be surgically removed. One plus one equals two! Even my good friend Barb stated Lilly, i can’t watch this anymore,why? Maybe SB today or maybe BM tomorrow is the real Jason. I apologize to anyone if they felt that my opinions base upon that I’m right, but i really did enjoy giving my opinions.But I have to be honest,and here’s my problem with General Hospital, it needs to be more realistic,and maybe I could relate to General Hospital when I was younger, but maybe not so much since I’ve grown older. I do wish general Hospital the best, and i hope maybe if there story lines become more realistic, then maybe down the road I can return as a viewer.

  3. But here is the problem, when you bring back an actor who made stone cold’s character(SB), and have him play the exact part as stone cold, then you can’t turn around and say he’s Drew. We all understand that soaps aren’t reality, but they also shouldn’t treat fans as walking drones either. You can change someones face, and supposedly give them someone else’s memories, but you can’t change who they are, or there demeanor.On Friday even Robin stated to(SB) your the real Jason.Sonny,Carly,etc., all have known Jason for years, are now somehow there wrong? Here is my opinion, let BM and Sam stay together,(BM as Drew) and have SB( the real Jason) find someone new.But if GH writers make BM the real Jason, and SB Drew,then I’m done watching GH. Why? I realize that soaps are not realistic, but being treated like I’m a moron, isn’t something I signed up for.

  4. I am so sad that GH has took a great storyline about BM Jason and Sam. With all they been through together. Surviving Olivia Jerome. Sam and scout almost died and the way BM Jason was tore apart thinking his wife and child will not make it. Then he himself gets shot, trying to save Sam. He goes into a coma and almost dies. He finally comes out of that and makes a decision to have a new life in the business Julian Jerome tried so hard to take under. His life was looking up, then GH writers decides to turn BM Jason’s life upside down. Come on get real. This needs to end up being a nightmare and Somebody wakes up and makes this right. Whether BM Or SB is the real Jason or not. Give BM’s character a life instead of ripping his world apart!

  5. It would make more sense to make amy’s brother the father of Oscar as apparently oscers dad was in the military

  6. That Tamara Braun will not (possibly) be Carly is also a travesty. She’s too well known for being Carly that if there isn’t a shocker as far as her story is concerned, then it’ll be a huge disappointment. I’m only coming back to GH for Tamara. If they abuse my trust then I’ll only watch to the end of her story then I’m gone again. I’m so tired of this whole switcheroo these shows play with us viewers. I could care less for Laura Wright. She’s never been Carly for as far as I’ve been able to see. Having the old threesome back together in Steve’s Jason, Mo’s Sonny and Tamara’s Carly would be a huge boon to this show.

  7. Yesss!!

  8. very well said! SBu being drew would be the end for me too. We keep saying it…I hope TPTB are listening… there is only 1 STONECOLD…

  9. They never did find a body, so odds are he isn’t really dead. I’m a fan of Sonny & Carly’s, and I’d like to see them have a daughter.

  10. I hate to be this mean but Sonny and Carly’s kid is dead so why do they need another kid.

  11. What happened to Ava’s hair? The color does not look good on her.

  12. Being a viewer of GH for many years,to bring back SB, and state that he’s Drew would be at best a complete writers flop. If SB would have been brought back to GH as another character, viewers would have been hesitant, but a new story line in time would have eased most viewers concerns. But the issue for me is this, you cant bring back SB who’s played Jason Morgan for years with the same face, and not to mention the same stone cold cold demeanor, and call him Drew. I do realize that Soap operas are meant to be fictitious, but I would find it very difficult for Sam to look at SB, and not realize that he’s the real Jason. As a long time GH watcher, the writers of GH have this unique ability to drag story lines on way to long, which causes viewers like myself to change the channel. If the writers want Sam to stay with Drew, and have the real Jason SB move on with someone else,then great,but do us all a favor as fans, please don’t drag on a story line,or bring back SB exactly as he left, and then tell fans he’s Drew. This would cause me to turn the channel on GH for good.

  13. If they want to give him one it needs to be with Carly. But other than that, no. Plus, there’s the San Diego thing. I doubt Sonny’s ever been there. I’m thinking the dad is/was in the military and that’s why he left Oscar and his mom. Would explain the sad songs on that CD, too. Two people who had a limited time to love each other. He was probably being shipped out and would be on his tour for months or years. We know his mom’s name is Kim Nero, and that she’s a doctor at Mercy hospital.

  14. Sonny doesn’t need another kid.

  15. Too bad the other storylines and characters aren’t getting the airtime of the two Jason’s crap?

  16. Crap. I think Sonny will end up being Oscar’s dad. Spoilers for 11/20 – 11/24 say Carly accuses someone of something, and next week she primarily deals with Oscar, and has “concerns” about him. I hope I’m wrong. I don’t want him to be Sonny’s kid.

  17. I agree with you 100%. Steve Burton needs to be Jason. Billy Miller is fantastic on the show too. I really hope that there is somebody out there who loves him, misses him, and waiting for him to return. I’ve also been saying all along that I think Oscar is really his son.
    And I really hope that when everything gets figured out Jason And Drew can become close like brothers and friends, and make a good team…

  18. Steve Burton is such a brilliant actor. Very believable and great chemistry with the cast. General Hospital hasn’t been this exciting since Sonny was in prison with Franco and Julian. Billy Miller is also a great actor….but he needs to be revealed as Drew and hopefully we’ll find out that Oscar is his son. Get that man back to his family and let’s have SB back as the original Stone Cold. Hopefully in the near future once the dust settles, both twins will join forces and make up for the h3LL Helena has put them through.

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