General Hospital Spoilers: December 18-22, 2017

General Hospital Spoilers
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In this week’s General Hospital spoilers: Sam continues to grapple with her conflicting emotions about Drew and Jason; Meanwhile, Drew and Jason opt to work together to solve the mystery of their disappearances. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 18, 2017.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Like a Country Song

Drew puts it all out there. Later, Sonny and “Drew 6” (Editor’s Note: Publicity has conflicting information regarding this spoiler. I’ve edited a direct quote from source material) talk through potential scenarios regarding the traitor. Carly feels terrible for her friend. Jason and Drew share a common goal, though their goal regarding Sam remains a source of unspoken tension. Drew gets the reassurance he needs; Sam lashes out and later gets a surprise.

Also This Week

  • A friendship rekindled? Jordan and Anna bond and discuss the situation with Andre. Later, Curtis comforts Jordan.
  • Felicia puts an anxious Maxie at ease.
  • Franco receives a mysterious note.
  • Alexis spends time with Danny, and later draws Molly’s ire.
  • As Laura and Kevin’s wedding draws near, she asks a favor of her daughter. Laura later hopes for the best and gets a surprise.
  • Michael pours his heart out.
  • Carly has a plan…maybe she should count to 10.
  • Lulu’s investigation continues.
  • Nathan confronts his mother.
  • Jason pays his respect.
  • Ned’s stance softens
  • Griffin has an apology to make. By week’s end, Griffin accepts an uncomfortable situation. The things one does for love…
  • Nelle gets a break.
  • Molly opens her home (Alexis’ house, Julian gave it to her).

Source Sneak Peek: Week of December 25, 2017
General Hospital will be pre-empted on Christmas Day. Here’s a preview of what you can expect when new episodes return: Lulu remains determined to expose the corruption of the 2014 election, and later is excited about her future. Michael turns to his family for support. Will a run-in with Sam spark Jason to finally open up about his feelings for her? It’s a week of developments not to miss…



  1. I love kim happy Tamara is back and Steve burton glad he is back. The feeling I get is the Monaco wants to stay with billy… cry me a river. She is no the only women in port Charles

  2. Ok never being a jasam fan or any couple but I agree with you Sam loves drew. You can’t come back after 5 years and said give me my wife is so sick of jasam plus excuse my English ok remember when Jason when missing the first time he letf GH to make movies ..and robin found him.. Helena had him. ok Jason could still be Oscar dad ..I think is better is Oscar is Jason I also glad Tamar’s is back good actress and best Carly ..but Kim is hiding secrets. She is the traitor but in a good way she saveJason live thinking it was Drew’s I think Tamara and Steve have mad chemistry

  3. The only “break” Nell deserves is a broken bone. Hope they get rid of her soon. I think she’s faking the pregnancy and will steal Maxie and Nathan’s baby. Will be easy to do if she blackmailed Kim. They’re probably going to need to run at least 2 DNA tests too.

  4. I’m so sick of people throwing shade at sam because Steve old comes back who gives a flying tucker I hope she stands by her man and keeps her word and everything everyone just stfu let Jason go with Carly n sonny n go hook up with someone else leave sam & drew alone and gh Seriously give Oscar to some other dude Billy just does not fit to be Oscar dad Steve old more like it he is older

  5. First off all she justifies her decisions she explained to Jason those 5yrs of his life were gone she has moved on she did everything the right way when she found out drew was Jason she divorced him so they can re fall in love with him that happened even no he was Jason or not she fell in Love period they have a daughter you idiots have your Steve old back F off.

  6. I agree everyone is forgetting that my Jason was kidnapped and God knows what else. He has son’s that doesn’t know or wants to know him. This was done to him. Forget Sam I love her but if she wants to be with the handsome Drew let her. Give Jason another woman to love.

  7. She may be Oscar and Nelle’s mom.. Sam is pissing me off for real this is crazy. She totally excuse JASON feelings like this didn’t effect him at all. He’s suffered and hurt as well. She has not once touched her real husband like what the heck that’s unreal for real. Like come on now, send Drew running back to his life. There’s no one like JASON and Sam and Sonny and Carly.. Lulu and Donte … like wtf come on let those three couples be realistic. There’s no way that could have happened in real life. My husband returned and there are no emotions or tears.. hugs and kisses. No matter who I’m married too now. I️ would never mistreat my real husband and give JASON back his company that’s his company not DREWS dang..

  8. Does anyone else think that Oscar’s mom is more devious than she acts and may have something to do with the Jason Drew switch?

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