Days of our Lives Week in Review: Corporate Sparks, Speedy Pregnancy

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Days of our Lives continued to set up future stories for the coming weeks, building drama and intrigue as new characters are woven in alongside returning characters. I’m here for it all! There always comes a time in soap operas were things must slow down to build and rebuild, to set the table in a sense. I can almost guarantee that DAYS is setting the table for something major to feast on in the next few weeks, something that hopefully everyone can enjoy! We have family and work drama intermingling, a young man reclaiming his time from a leech ex-husband and Vivian Alamain! What more could anyone want?

With that said, let’s check out my top pick and pans from the week of January 8, 2018 on Days of our Lives!

Picks of the Week – Who Do You Think You Are

We’ve been bemoaning for months on months and finally, DiMera Enterprises expanded to have its own set of sets this last week. It makes sense that this has happened as corporate intrigue has begun to ramp up in stories and the DiMera clan has yet again expanded; we can’t have that many people in the living room talking mergers and accounts!

Much like Stefano DiMera’s famed chess board, the different DiMera family members are all poised in different strategic positions with the goal of running DiMera Enterprises as the goal. The most interesting facet of it all is Andre DiMera who thinks that he’s owed the company as the eldest DiMera sibling and is actively working to not only steal it from Stefan as everyone else thinks, but also Chad and Abigail DiMera! Finally, Andre is being written as devious like he should have always been. Sure, it’s a lot tamer compared to the time he hung Kate DiMera by her neck in the Brady Pub but even a glimpse of his madness at this point feels good to me. Andre admitted to playing Abigail who was his biggest cheerleader, hating Chad for running to take the company the legit route and because of all that, he was behind all of the collapsed deals DiMera Enterprises tried to make the last few months. This is who the character is supposed to be!

Unfortunately for Andre, Vivian Alamain is double-crossing him and is actually working with her son to throw him under the bus too – probably literally! All of this is going to come a bloody head next week that will surely send the family reeling. Honestly, I can’t say that anyone’s motivations to have Andre dead-dead are very strong so the whole murder mystery element might be lost on me this time around! But even so, I can only wonder if getting rid of Andre, Anna DiMera’s return with Tony DiMera’s ashes and the constant emphasis on her talking to Tony but knowing he can’t talk back all has me thinking… Could this just be a way for Tony to make his grand re-entrance? We’ll have to see when Andre bites the bullet next week! Poor guy, he should have known not to get wrapped up with someone as equally morally bankrupt as he was.

I’m also really loving Stefan! The character is giving us everything we’ve been missing and then some. Tyler Christopher plays that aloof badass so well, that you cannot take your eyes off of him. Stefan was shopped around town with a few different women as chemistry tests and I have to say I loved him with each one, he just seemed to drip chemistry with each actress. My personal favorite has to be Abigail though, I’m loving their interactions. It’s been a long time coming to see Abigail sticking up for herself instead of simply sticking up for Chad. When Stefan did or said something appropriate, Abigail was there to shut him down and when he wasn’t taking her seriously, she showed him that that was a mistake! Abigail is not messing around with this interloper especially if he might jeopardize her son’s future.

Now everyone knows I’ve been a card-carrying Chabby fan for years but I think now is the time to shake that up.

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