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Supernatural Recap: ‘Wayward Sisters’

Supernatural -- "Wayward Sisters" -- Image Number: SN1310_0002.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Kathryn Newton as Claire and Yadira Guevara - Prip as Kaia -- Photo: The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

OMG, the torture of the winter hiatus is finally over with Supernatural returning this past Thursday! And even more exciting, it’s coming back with a bang in the form of a backdoor pilot for the new spinoff, Wayward Sisters. Wayward Sisters looks to be a show centered around kickass, badass, strong female leads and I am here for it!

When Supernatural picks up, Claire is kicking some werewolf ass when Jody calls her to ask her to come home because Sam & Dean are missing. When she arrives, Jody & Patience inform her that Patience had a vision of Claire dying. Being the pain in the ass brat that I remember so well, Claire ignores all common sense and takes off.

Meanwhile, Kaia has been found and registered as a Jane Doe. This leads Claire to her with a little help from her nurse sister orphan, Alex. Kaia takes off before Claire can stop her, but they’re attacked by some creepy creature from the Bad Place. Claire’s still a cocky brat, but she’s definitely got some skills now. Still, she gets a needed assist from Jody. Once the creature is down, the women drag it back to Jody’s house to do a little autopsy.

After a little bonding over monster scars, Claire and Kaia tell the group about the Bad Place & their theory that Sam & Dean are trapped there.

And they’re right. Sam & Dean are gathered around a fire, Sam staring in disgust as Dean munches on a lizard he barbecued. My baby makes the best of everything. Adorbs! They hear a dinosaur type creature stomping towards them and take off. Some hooded warrior chick follows behind like a stalker. I understand. If I saw them, I’d follow them too.

Back in the real world, Patience is freaking out and ready to get the hell out of dodge. Alex tries to talk her out of it, but Patience takes off. But as she’s leaving, she has a vision of a bunch of those creepy creatures attacking at once. Of course, Cocky Claire wants to stay and take them on, but Patience is sick of her shit and basically shames her into leaving. They watch a live feed on Claire’s phone as the creatures attack. Um, who takes time to set that up when expecting an ambush? Lol I’d be a worthless hunter. Just running away crying all the time. I’m more of a hunter’s wife, if ya know what I mean (hint hint).

Backup arrives in the form of Sheriff Donna, who I am high key obsessed with. She’s freaking adorable and has become a total badass and I love it. She comes bearing, well, an armory. Jody leaves Claire in charge, and while I suspect Claire’s too gung-ho not to give in on her desire to follow them and help, she agrees.

In the Bad Place, our boys are attacked and overpowered by that badass warrior chick who followed them. Not exactly what I would do with them when I caught up to the Winchesters, but hey, to each her own.

Donna & Jody make their way to the shipyard where everyone went missing to look for Sam & Dean. Meanwhile, Kaia & Claire bond again and Claire admits that she’s scared to die and that’s why she agreed to stay behind. But Sam & Dean saved her life and she can’t give up on them. Kaia offers to go with her. At the shipyard, Jody’s about to dive into the breach but those creatures are everywhere and attack.

Sam & Dean wake up tied to trees, and the warrior chick basically rings the dinner bell for the dinosaur monster. What a bitch.

In the shipyard, Claire shows up in time to torch the monsters before they can kill Jody and Donna. But when they realize the breach is closing, Jody lets Claire go in with Kaia to save our boys. They arrive just in time to cut them free, while those creatures surround Alex, Patience, Jody & Donna.  The ladies kick some monster ass, even Patience.

While Sam, Dean, Kaia, and Claire are making their escape, that warrior bitch hurls a spear at Claire, but Kaia knocks her out of the way and is impaled and dies. What the hell?!!

A humongous demon thing, definitely not a dinosaur, appears towering over the trees, and Sam & Dean drag Claire back through the breach, leaving Kaia’s body behind.

Claire is devastated, and Patience sees her vision was changed because instead of Claire lying dead in Jody’s arms, she was crying in them.

Sam & Dean leave their thanks with Jody and take off after Jody insists that she and her girls can take care of the monsters in Sioux Falls. As a voiceover of Claire’s inner monologue starts, she decides to stay with her family of badass warrior women. Because she needs them. And because she’s going to find her way back into the Bad Place so she can kill the bitch who murdered her friend.

Meanwhile, we see another breach and said bitch dives through into our world. When she removes her hood, it’s freaking Kaia. Or at least, a Kaia doppelgänger.

Our boys didn’t play prominently in this episode but that’s okay because this was a great backdoor pilot. It’s a strong cast of previously established characters who have a history we’re familiar with. Supernatural is such an amazing show but the one thing that’s always lacked is a stable, solid female presence. They write incredible, strong female characters with depth and likability, but never fail to kill them off as plot points. I’m excited to see where this cast of phenomenal women can take us. And just as excited to see where our boys pick up next week.

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  1. I loved this episode and hope the CW picks up “Wayward Sisters” as a series for next season! So much potential for these characters and such a great cast! Also, hats off to the writers for a great ep that still plenty of room to grow! Loved the friendship between Jody and Donna! Loved rebellious Claire but loved her best when we also saw her vulnerable and learning. Love how Claire and Alex are so much like Dean and Sam! Kaia coming back at the end was a great twist – can’t wait to see where the show goes with that idea! It was wonderful to see Patience go from believing she couldn’t fight one of those things to realizing she killed a monster. Loving the sisterhood and can’t wait for more of these empowered ladies!

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