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Supernatural Recap: ‘Devil’s Bargain’

Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean, Danneel Ackles as Jo and Jared Padalecki as Sam -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Oh. My. Chuck! I am freaking out right now. Spoiler alert and a half because I can’t hold on my excitement: everyone’s fave archangel is back!! That’s right, peeps. Gabriel is back! Where has he been?! How did they bring him back?! Was he ever really gone?! Okay, okay, let’s back it up and dive into this Supernatural Recap for “Devil’s Bargain”.

The show opens with a wounded Castiel wandering the woods, passing out, and waking up to see two brats poking him because that’s what you do when you find a dead body? Miscreants. Anyways, Castiel rushes off to find Lucifer, but he’s long gone. He’s off prowling the streets looking for an angel to siphon, while fending off the very human problems of cold, hunger, and poordom. He lucks out when he spots a Cupid doing his whole matchmaker schtick. As I am very annoyed with love at the moment, gross. Lucy agrees because he wastes no time slurping up Cupid’s grace and then shoving his fist through his body. Ungrateful.

Still, it’s not enough grace to get him up and running, so when he spots a homeless, he decides to join him. Too bad for him, his dickish presence and angry pleas for money has people avoiding him and instead helping the much friendlier homeless man beside him. When the fella offers to treat Lucifer to a meal, Lucifer eagerly accepts, only to be disappointed as he’s offered dumpster dining. Lucifer tried to get him to spend his money on fresh not from a dumpster food, but homeless insists he’s saving up to go see Sister Jo. Lucy smirks that all faith healers are fake, but after describing what she can do, Lucifer looks elated. Looks like he’s found something else to snack on.

Meanwhile, Castiel has made his way to the bunker and is filling in our guys on what’s been going on; Lucifer’s return in a weakened state, their mother’s survival in Earth 2, and Castiel’s imprisonment by Asmodeus. They plot to find Lucy before he powers up and use him to get to Earth 2. To do that, they recruit the prophet Donatello to read the demon tablet to find a spell to open rifts. At the same time the guys are making their plans, Asmodeus is sending Ketch to go devil hunting.

Over in a janky looking church, Lucy is lurking as Sister Jo (played by the ridiculously gorgeous Danneel Ackles) miraculously heals her followers, following a hefty donation, of course. Not so much a faith healer. More like an angel with a business plan. Lucy waits until everyone clears out to approach but to his surprise and disappointment, she’s not worried. In fact, she’s not what he expected at all. See, Anael was never a great angel, but turns out, she’s pretty smart. When the angels fell, she didn’t just jump into the nearest vessel like everyone else. Instead she made a deal with the woman desperate to save her husband and started faith healing for profit. Again I’m not a great angel but an awesome business woman. She has a deal for the devil himself: let her live and he can drain her grace slowly, give her time to recuperate and rinse and repeat. Basically, giving him an endless supply of grace on tap. Lucy is intrigued and agrees. But she’s less than impressed with his ability to stay off radar.

And she’s right to be annoyed. His messy trail leads Sam, Dean, and Cas straight to her. But when they arrive, all they find is Ketch. Ketch tried to convince them to work together, since it worked so well last time. Insert eyeroll here. Cas is NOT in the mood. He angel pokes him and knocks him out, and out guys toss his treacherous ass in the trunk.

They plan to take him to the bunker to interrogate, and then kill him, but an alert that Sister Jo’s credit card has been used sends them in another direction. Meanwhile, in a what looks like a prelude to sexy time, Lucifer feeds on Anael again. Flopping backwards on the bed, Anael admits that she felt free when she fell from heaven. Up there she just a lowly button-pusher no one would listen to, but down here she was somebody. And every time Lucy drained her, she could feel what it would be like to be human for just a moment and she loved it. Lucy, on the other hand, hates it. He admits that he’s worried he’ll screw up his kid the way Chuck did with him. He pops up, seemingly uncomfortable, and reminds her that he won’t have anymore of those pesky human feelings once he’s back at full power.

Left to his own devices with the demon tablet, Donatello heads out on a chicken wing run but is found by Asmodeus, once again posing as Castiel. Donatello unknowingly spills the plans to save Jack and Mary and Asmodeus puts a whammy on him so that he’ll tell Asmodeus everything once he figures it all out. Crap.

Lucifer passes the time skimming the Bible and calling out the inaccuracies, crowing, “It’s wrong. Has anybody fact checked this stuff?” Ha! Outside of the motel, Sam lures Anael out of the room with s line about her credit card not going through. But when she comes face to face with the boys and Cas, she thinks fast on her feet, claiming that Lucy threatened to drain her and kill her. She lies and claims Lucifer is still weakened.

In the room, Lucy is muttering indignantly, “Dad’s always stealing my best lines.” I love him so much lol. Anael tricks him into opening the door only to come face to face with Sam & Dean, Castiel appearing behind him. But Anael turns on them and helps Lucy get the upper hand. Lucifer is enjoying torturing the guys when Ketch shows up and tosses a demon bomb at Lucifer’s feet. But Lucifer and Anael manage to escape and ponder where to go next.

Ketch tried once again to get the guys to agree to work together, admitting that even he has a line. And apparently, it’s letting the devil walk the Earth. In the spirit of things, he admits to working for Asmodeus. They reluctantly agree. And really, what choice do they have?

Lucy and Jo make their way to Heaven’s Sandbox, where they’re met by some very hostile angels. He offers to make more angels, after all, he watched Dad do it so how hard can it be? All he wants in return is to be named the undisputed Ruler of Heaven. Um. Yeah, no. They laugh in his face. When Jo tries to reason with them, the head angel gets huffy and tries to put her in her place but Lucy is having none of it. He sweetens the pot by offering to give them back their wings. And just like that, Lucifer is sitting on throne to heaven, Anael by his side. Well, shit.

Ketch has returned to provide an edited report to Asmodeus, who admits the last thing he wants to deal with is a fully charged Lucy and an megalomaniac archangel Michael. But he has a secret weapon or two up his sleeve. He opens a safe and shows Ketch the archangel blade, capable of killing, duh, archangels. When Ketch points out that lore states only an archangel can wield it, Asmodeus smirks. He leads him to a dank cell, where a man huddles over. When he looks up, we see none other than the Trickster himself, Archangel Gabriel!! He’s not looking so hot, what with his mouth is all sewn shut and what not, but he’s back baby!

I couldn’t be more freaking excited! I mean, I never thought this would happen. Gabriel died like eight freaking seasons ago, so this was an awesome twist. Not to mention the fact that Lucifer is totally the King of Heaven now! It’s says a lot about this show when it can still thrill and surprise me thirteen seasons in.

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