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Ten Things to Know About ‘The 100’ #ConAgeddon Event

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St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and with it comes ConAgeddon, the first ever centric con experience for The CW’s The 100 in the United States. With its debut just days away, here are the ten things to know if you’re still on the fence about buying your tickets.

10) Yes, It’s Real
The ConAgeddon event popped up out of nowhere causing confusion and paranoia throughout the internet as to the legitimacy of the event, and whether or not it could be trusted. For a fandom that’s been burned before with shady cons (not naming any names), it was understandable that people were reluctant to buy in to ConAgeddon initially. Since the first announcement stars Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor, Zach McGowan, and Tasya Teles have all released videos confirming their attendance and excitement for the convention. If our faves are saying it’s legit, who are we to question them? While there’s still a cloud of mystery involving who is actually running the event, it’s obviously someone the cast has put their faith in to make this an event to remember. This is a fanbase convention and the fans are the ones that are ultimately driving it.

When we pointed out that announcing a con so close to the heels of the Vancouver based The 100-centric con Unity Days, a representative for ConAgedden told TV Source Magazine exclusively, “Our event was announce late as we want it to be exclusive for our first convention so the fans have an amazing experience. We are very excited about our first show and the plan would be to have it yearly in Boston, and possibly visit different cities in the states or across the world.”

9) The Guest List
ConAgeddon brings us fan favorites Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Bob Morley (Bellamy), Tasya Teles (Echo), Zach McGowan (Roan), and Rhiannon Fish (Ontari). That’s a whole lot of pretty people for two days worth of activities and fun.

8) Location, Location, Location

Boston! Taking place at the ultra chic Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel, this location is set to “wow” the guests.

Featuring an indoor pool, a work out facility, and three restaurants, you would find little reason to ever leave the hotel….but you’re in Boston. Leave the hotel. It’s minutes away from the local aquarium, five miles from Cambridge, ten miles from Salem, and a quick twelve minute drive from the most photographed street in America, Acorn Street. And did we mention…

7) Date and Time
This is all taking place March 17, 2018- March 18, 2018, also known as St. Patrick’s Day Weekend. Make sure to pack something green in your luggage and prepare for some day drinking…unless you’re a minor, then the green clothes will be enough.

6) Initiative
To be the first ever The 100 based con in the United States to date (I’m not forgetting about you, Congeda, you just haven’t happened yet) offering fans an exclusive and intimate experience with the cast. If this event goes off without a hitch, the company may bring it back to us next year for an even more low-key and exclusionary time.

What should fans expect at ConAgeddon? A rep tell us, “The fans should expect to have fun, meet some amazing new people, and be a part of the most exclusive The 100 event yet. Eliza, Bob, Zach, Tasya, and Rhiannon are all very excited to meet everyone and have a green beer with you in Boston for St. Paddy’s Day! It will be a celebration for sure.”

5) Vendors
Call me biased, but I find fans of The 100 to be some of the most talented people out there. They excel at everything from fan art, fan fiction, fan videos, and all the way to merchandise. Luckily for fans attending the convention,  they’re able to help represent their favorites by buying buttons, shirts, key chains, and more from one of the vendors at the event. Being the first event for ConAgeddon, the number of vendors is limited but the list of available fandom merch to purchase should satisfy your The 100 loving needs.

4) Tickets
If you’re still looking to buy tickets for the event then you’re in luck! While the premium passes are now sold out, you can still purchase the regular weekend pass for $100, or one of the amazing VIP opportunities. For prices and information on those (and keep an eye out for those discount codes!) you can find what you need at http://conageddon.com/ticket-prices. Once you purchase your pass, don’t forget to add on your extras in the form of autographs, selfies, or group photos.

VIP Ticket holders will have a black pass, Premium a red pass, and general admission holders white.

3) Moderators
Moderating the panels will be Cancer Get Lost founder Jo Garfein. In case you didn’t know, Cancer Get Lost is partnered with ConAgeddon for an online charity auction, opening Thursday. All proceeds go to benefit the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

2) Schedule
Though the event doesn’t officially start until March 17 at 10 AM, you’re able to pick up your purchased tickets on Friday, March 16 from 4PM – 8PM (and again the next morning at 8AM). At 8PM the real fun kicks off with the VIP party with the cast in the New England Ballroom on the second floor of the hotel, ending at the stroke of midnight. The rest of the schedule (which is still a work in progress) can be found below.

1) The Beliza Panel
This was always going to be number one. If you ship Bellamy and Clarke, if you don’t — it doesn’t matter. Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor are the two leads of the show and they have not had a panel that was just the two of them since 2015. This is a long anticipated event and the fact that it’s taken this long to happen is an absolute crime. Regardless, it is finally happening and if the likes and RTs from the official ConAgeddon tweet announcing it are any indication, fans are excited.

There’s no reason to wait! Just head over to http://conageddon.com/ to purchase your tickets for a weekend you won’t forget. See you there!

Heather Mason
Heather Mason joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2017 with plans to cover The CW's 100.

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