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A Drinking Game for ‘The 100’ Season Five Premiere


It has finally happened you guys. We’ve endured eleven incredibly long and difficult months awaiting the return of The CW’s The 100 and tonight, our favorite show is back! The season premiere titled “Eden” is sure put all of us in our feels, and to help kick off the series’ long-awaited return, we’ve designed a drinking game to celebrate. So, grab a bottle of wine (or water for those underage viewers) and let’s get down to business!

Note: TV Source Magazine has not seen the premiere, so you may end up really hammered (or hydrated) or without even a slight buzz.

Take One Drink:

  • Let’s start with the hiatuses most popular new ship: #Bellindow. Anytime Bellamy looks out a window, DRINK!
  • Anytime Clarke says, “There are no good guys.”
  • Raven makes a sarcastic quip.
  • Anytime Praimfaya is mentioned by name.

Take Two Drinks:

  • For every flashback shown–the “previously on The 100” recap does not count. Put down your glass, you lush.
  • “Six years is a long time,” is said by anyone
  • Murphy is a bit of a lovable dick
  • Madi speaks Trigedasleng.


  • Anytime a woman saves her own damn self and is her own hero #WomenofThe100
  • The Eligius group does something that makes you kind of want to kick their asses because how DARE they!
  • Something is foreshadowed to the audience…even if our favorite characters don’t realize it quite yet.
  • Something in the episode makes you cry…yes, welling up counts. Come on, it’s The 100. You’re going to cry and you’re going to want that drink anyway.

Stock up and get ready. It’s almost time! Do you have any suggestions to add? Let us know on social media or respond in the comments below!

Watch The 100 tonight at 9/8c on The CW. Stream it tomorrow on CWTV.com. Wash, rinse, repeat, etc.

Heather Mason
Heather Mason joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2017 with plans to cover The CW's 100.

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