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‘Famous in Love’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: ‘The Players’ and ‘La La Locked’

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It’s never a good sign when the season premiere of a show that’s been off the air for nearly a year takes almost two full hours to get the slightest bit interesting.

Sadly, Famous in Love started its sophomore run with “The Players,” a filler episode about as exciting as watching paint dry.

In this fictional version of Hollywood, it’s been two months since the disastrous press conference. Apparently, Nina rescued Paige from having to make a choice on camera. Rainer headed to rehab, Paige chose Jake and along with Cassie, they spent the time working on Jake’s movie Stealing Georgia.

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

Jordan and Tangey remain estranged, Alexis is filming a reality show with Ida (Tangey’s mom) as the producer. Nina and Alan are falling for each other again while attempting to keep the studio from shooting down the movie in Rainer’s absence, and a quick news blurb showed Eva (Nina’s former assistant) being sentenced for the Barrett’s murder.

Did she really kill him? The murder is not mentioned again so either the plot’s been scrapped and tied in a neat bow since this (thankfully) isn’t Pretty Little Liars or the murder mystery will be revived at a later day once everyone’s forgotten its existence.

Let’s hope for the first option, shall we?

The second hour of the premiere, “La La Locked” brought a slight uptick in the action because things actually started happening.

(Freeform/Ron Tom)

Rainer checked himself out of rehab so he could spend more time with Davina Claire Harper. She’s a former child star turned charity worker. The two fell for each other in rehab. Risky since they both have substance abuse problems, but Harper also seems like she might be good for Rainer.

She reminded him that acting serves a purpose after his presence alone encouraged people to help her cleaning up the beach cause. So he decided to take the next step and tell Nina he was coming back to work.

But he’s still mad at her for keeping the truth about Alan a secret (fair). Rainer and Alan seem to be in a good place…for now. That probably won’t last once he finds out his parents are hooking up.

Or until he finds out that Jordan and Nina used to hook up. Because that secret is once again on its way out of the bag.

(Freeform/Ron Tom)

Tangey told Alexis in front of a hidden camera and Ida did her best to force Alexis to use it for the show. To her credit, Alexis initially refused. She valued her friendship with Tangey more than she did the show.

However, when Nina refused to let Alexis’ cameras into a movie event and cut Alexis down over her decision to film the reality show in the first place, the claws came out. Alexis went ahead and filmed a reaction video to the knowledge, including the (gross) fact that Jordan was 16 when the relationship started.

This is not going to end well.

The same is likely true for Paige and Jake’s relationship. Our leading lady chose wrong, which is fine. Because we all know how TV love triangles work: the initial decision (and sometimes the four or five after that) never remains final.

(Plus, the show is straight up trolling itself—and us—by having social media hate on Paige for her choice. Of course they would have hated her if she chose Rainer, too. No one wins on the internet).

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

But for now Paige is with Jake and they were happy hanging with Cassie and shooting Jake’s movie. Like Locked, what they’ve shown us of Stealing Georgia filming makes little sense. Wasn’t it supposed to be about Paige and Jake? What’s with the robberies? And Cassie’s weird character?

(Does it even matter)?

As soon as Rainer exited rehab, Locked was back on and suddenly Jake had a problem with every single thing Paige did (Ugh. He’s the Matt Donovan of this show for sure).

He decided to recast Paige’s part in his movie and made snide, passive-aggressive comments about Rainer that Paige did her best to ignore.

On the other hand, she could not ignore it when Rainer ignored her during their Facebook Live event. She literally chased him out the door and demanded he talk to her.

When he did, he thanked her for not choosing him because it led to his great new relationship. Paige pretended to be happy for him, but she didn’t appear pleased when he pointed out they’d get through their love scenes with acting.

Rather than find his new girlfriend, Rainer rushed home and searched the cabinets for a bottle. Thankfully, Jordan was there and talked his friend off the ledge without actually mentioning that he knew what he was doing.

This friendship remains my favorite part of the show and it’s going to suck when the truth about Jordan and Nina is revealed.

Miscellaneous Musings

-Were Alexis and Tangey friends in Season 1? This feels like brand new information.

-Also, trends come and go for sure, but two months seems like way too short of a time for Tangey’s album to bomb right after everyone was so into her song.

-If Jordan really wants Tangey back, why is he hitting on every woman who walks by?

-We all know nothing is real in Hollywood, but didn’t it feel like it went overboard with the “celebrities only do charity work for attention” beat?

-On that note, did Jordan go back for game night?

-If the love scenes were all that was left to film, why were the other actors out of work, too? And if not, why didn’t they just keep working during Rainer’s absence?

-Jake’s obviously going to track down Vera and replace Paige with her. But the question is: how long until he sleeps with Vera? And will he break up with Paige first or just assume she’s into Rainer so it’s fine?

-One thing I appreciate (at least so far): The show’s not also setting up Paige and Jordan. They’re just friends that both care about Rainer and that’s refreshing (Although I was Team Jordan in the books).

-Forever Team #Raige

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