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TV Source’s Week in Soaps podcast for the week of April 2, 2018 was a hot mess! Exactly what on The Bold and the Beautiful qualifies as “excellence” because we aren’t seeing it; is there money in the below the line budget to replace all the chewed scenery during the confrontation between General Hospital’s Griffin and Peter? Is Days of our Lives’ JJ and Abigail on the hunt to Make Salem Great Again? We discuss why Jennifer’s children may be keeping red hats in their closet. Is the end for The Young and the Restless’ JT closer than we think? All that in more in the newest episode of the TV Source Podcast!

TV Source Podcast: Taped April 8, 2018

  • Performer of the Week (00:48): General Hospital’s Max Gail once again takes the honor.
  • General Hospital (06:52): The scene chewed around the world! Griffin confronts Peter about being Faison’s son! Our hosts debate the quality of the scenes. Also: How will Griffin react when he learns Ava betrayed his trust? Should Ava spill the beans? The newest reveal in Franco’s past puts Jake and Liz in danger. Some believe this is another attempt at trying to make Franco viable, but Ryan defends the story.
  • The Young and the Restless (26:10): Rivalry or one-sided feud? Is Simone a worthy adversary for Hilary? How do we feel about Kyle being down with the swirl — is he just a speedbump for Devon & Hilary? JT and Victoria’s counseling scenes were riveting, but JT’s switching off Victor’s life support is drawing criticism from the panel. Is the end of JT near? And what was up with that promo? We discuss if Mal Young is ruining a good storyline by adding too much to it.
  • The Bold and the Beautiful (51:25): Hope wants Liam back, Bill gets Ridge out and apparently the show is putting on excellence? John doesn’t see it.
  • Days of our Lives (1:00:00): Marlena meets Dr. Laura as the DID storyline kicks into overdrive, but is it too little too late? Are JJ and Abigail hiding red hats in their closet? The gays come out to play but are things getting stagnant? A discussion about cast integration leads to debate over the quality of the show. We want you to weigh in too!

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