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Podcast EP 28: After-Series Recap – The 100 Season 5 Premiere – “Eden”

The 100 -- "Eden" -- Image Number: HUN501a_0584.jpg -- Pictured: Eliza Taylor as Clarke -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

TV Source Magazine is debuting a new segment as part of the TV Source Podcast series — the After-Series Recap. The first episode of the After-Series Recap focuses on the Season Five premiere of The CW’s The 100, titled “Eden”; TV Source Magazine’s Heather Mason and Post Apocalyptic Media’s K.B. Orson unite for an in-depth breakdown and analysis of the premiere.

The 100 focused episodes will alternate, with this week’s hosted on TV Source Magazine and next week’s discussion hosted on Post Apocalyptic Media. Don’t have time to listen? Read below for a run-down of points we discussed until your ears are free:

Clarke and Eden:

First things first: Eliza Taylor owned this episode. Period. The end. Clarke’s journey of digging herself out of the bunker and having a drive and purpose to get to Polis and back to her people, going as far as taunting the Earth to dare her. “You think you can kill me? Have at it.” She was fearless and driven in that moment, and that one line is sure to become a new The 100 iconic line.

There’s a lot of symbolism that revolves around Clarke having Polis collapse around her and slowly having her hope-and sanity-go with it. After struggling up the sand dune only to find nothing and then to literally fall back down the hill she had just climbed? It proved to be the end of her rope. Luckily, with the help of her feathered little friend (om nom nom, dinner), she stumbled across the oasis known as Eden where she eventually found mini-and borderline feral-Madi. A bear trap, creepy window staring, and adorable drawing later, Madi warmed up to Clarke and was able to establish a relationship with her.

Flash-forward six years and Clarke and Madi have their little heaven on Earth….but it’s now at risk with the arrival of the prisoner ship, Eligius. With it, we see Clarke’s method of keeping Madi safe (hello, girl under the floor 2.0) and just what it means when, “There are no good guys.”


Up in space, things have changed quite a bit, but some things remain the same. Monty and Harper are still going strong , while Emori and Murphy’s romantic relationship has come to a halt. Don’t feel too badly for Emori, though. She has found quite the dynamic with Raven even becoming her apprentice and becoming a spacewalker in her own right. Murphy doesn’t seem to be fairing as well, unfortunately. He’s isolated himself away, with Bellamy claiming that it’s because he feels the need to be the hero. Is that accurate though?

Meanwhile, Raven is doing well, even if she’s harboring guilt for not being able to get her new family back down to the ground in her self-imposed five year timeline. It’s been six years and seven days and even if keeping count is a “time violation” it’s obvious that everyone is doing it. Seeing the Eligius dropship head towards Earth renewed Raven with a sense of urgency and that maybe not all hope was lost, after all.  That aside, she is as strong and fierce as ever. She is back to the same sassy season one Raven that we all know and love, and it is a breath of fresh air.

Monty, who started the episode making algae and being adorable with Harper, ended it plagued with doubts about returning to the ground. After all, they’ve been in space and therefore safe for the last six years. On the ground, he experienced nothing but death, destruction, and heartache which has clearly left a lasting impact on him. Has he dealt with the trauma and depression of all that he lost in space and if not, will it hit him all at once when he returns to where it all started? In that vein, how does that effect Harper? At the end of season four, she had switched from the Suicide Squad back to the Living Large crowd. Is it possible that Harper and Monty will have switched outlooks in this instance?

As for that scene? Well, we had way too much to say about it and it’s probably better just to listen. Things of note: get it out of your minds that people are upset because of ‘ships’ and look a little deeper.

Also discussed: how we began watching The 100 and why, why #fandomlivesmatter, Becca and the origin of the grounders, Madi and Octavia and just what they could mean to each other further down the line,  and was A.L.I.E the only A.I before the first end of  the world?

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