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The TV Source podcast is back with a new Week in Soaps episode for the week of April 23, 2018. We’ve talking casting news and lack of Steve and Kayla on Days of our Lives, heavy-handed Hilary and Devon repeats and Kyle’s strange loyalty to Victor on The Young and the Restless; ideas for The Bold and the Beautiful and people speaking for Sam’s feelings on General Hospital. Dive into the newest TV Source Podcast episode!

Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless’ Eric Braeden and Joshua Morrow earn our Performers of the Week accolade.

Scene of the Week: General Hospital’s Maxie and Sam have a moment when discussing loss and moving on.

The Young and the Restless: Simone really thinks she’s something, huh? This Hevon reuniting story continues to get ridiculous as Hilary lies about her pregnancy; Reed goes to a boarding school of his choosing because he feels like his dad abandoned him. With that, RIP the Young aspect of Y&R. How long will the other two teens last? Is Kyle going to reveal his father’s paternity to Victor, leaving Billy in charge? Does he really think Victor will have his back forever?

General Hospital:  Jordan coughed every other word these last few weeks in a thinly veiled health scare story. That ended too soon! Or did it? Either way, we need true to life medical stories on this show. Running themes from now until forever are: Henrik and everyone has to make decisions on Sam’s future but Sam. Who do people keep trying to speak for her?

The Bold and the Beautiful: Instead of just continuing with the trend of criticizing the show, we give some hopes and wishful storylines we’d prefer to watch – investing in the future, bringing back fan faves, less reliance on overplayed characters and more.

Days of our Lives: Robin Wilson is back (we we know) but on contract! What’s next for Ben? Camila Banus re-signs with the soap. Rumors of a Kristen recast?  Steve turned into Daredevil this week with heightened intuition as to what son Tripp is going through. Why have we seen so little of his journey as newly blind? Claire’s only friends are her stuffed animals. Can we keep Wyatt then? Opinions are split on Ciara tearing into Claire.

The newest TV Source Podcast episode is available for streaming. Share with us your thoughts on the week and reaction to the podcast in the comments below or on social media using #TVSPodcast. Current and past episodes of the TV Source Podcast are available on iTunes.

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