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‘Supernatural’ Recap: ‘Funeralia’

Supernatural -- "Funeralia" -- Image Number: SN1319a_0031b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Sam, Ruth Connell as Rowena and Lisa Berry as Billie -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

This week’s episode of Supernatural has the Winchesters and Castiel facing the impossible task of finding the archangel Gabriel in “Funeralia”. An archangel, I might add, so sneaky he faked his death to the devil himself and spent the last few years frolicking with porn stars. The brothers track down Rowena, who seems to have gone dark side with a side of awesome glowing purple eyes. Castiel heads to Heaven to ask the angels for their assistance, knowing they have it out for him. Let’s dive into this week’s Supernatural recap.

Castiel arrives at the playground aka the Gates of Heaven and bumps into a hot but drunk and kind of suicidal angel – he’s lost all hope and casually shrugs Castiel into Heaven. When Cas arrives, Heaven is having some weird electrical surges, and it’s creepy empty. When a few angels arrive, he asks for their help, and tells them about Gabriel’s return, and Apocalypse World Michael but they’re only interested in Gabriel. They offer to help and leave to get someone. That someone ends up being Cas’ old torturer, Naomi, rocking a seriously flattering blonde pixie cut. I hate her, but wow she looks great. She admits that they can help him, but only if he brings Gabriel to them.

That’s when she drops the bomb that there’s only like 11 angels left in the world. And those power surges? Caused by their waning powers and numbers. Apparently, angels power Heaven and with their dwindling numbers, they’re bound to run out of juice. That means the billions of souls in Heaven will fall back to Earth as ghosts. They need Gabriel to help keep Heaven going. As Dean would say at the thought of that added headache, “Sonuvabitch!”. Naomi escorts Cas back to the playground and tells him that until Gabriel is found, Heaven is closing their gates.

While Castiel is learning about Heaven’s dilemma, Rowena is working her way through a list of scumbag pharmaceutical executives, sending them to their fiery deaths with her new badass powers. She’s accompanied by her new burly beau/bodyguard, Bernard. Rowena being who she is, she makes time for a sexy tango first because why not?

On their way to find her, Sam & Dean are joined by a perky Reaper, Jessica, who suddenly appears in the backseat of Baby and announces she’s been watching them ever since Dean’s trip to Death’s Fate Library or whatever. Kind of like a baby monitor. Ha! Both Sam and Dean are high key uncomfortable with her grinning confession that she’s seen EVERYTHING. Anyway, it seems Death sent her to help, because Rowena is throwing a major wrench in the workings of Fate.

After Sam & Dean visit the crime scene, they realize it’s not just people Rowena is killing, it’s their Reapers too. Jessica reappears to tell them that if people keep dying out of order, Death might have to do a mass reset, a la the Plague or a small war. Well damn. Jessica also lets them know that the only reason they’re set to stop Rowena is because in every version of Rowena’s story, Sam is the one who kills her for good. Before they can catch up to Rowena, she calls them and suggests a meet.

When they arrive, Rowena admits she’s killing those scummies and the reapers that come to collect to get Death’s attention. You see, when she found out Crowley had died for real, she realized that she sent him down the path he walked, and he deserved better. And she’s determined to make Death bring Crowley back, so he can have a second chance.

When the Winchesters tell her they won’t let her keep killing people and they know they can stop her because it’s her fate to die at Sam’s hand, she reveals she’s just an astral projection. Sam takes off after her while Dean chases down her Bae Guard. Dean and Bernard have a brutal fight, which Dean eventually wins but not without coming out of it with some serious scrapes on his pretty, pretty face. Still hot as crap though. Jessica’s admiring approval is hilarious. She warns Dean he needs to hurry though.

Outside, Sam tries to convince Rowena to stop what she’s doing but she won’t back down. Still struggling with what he has to do, Sam reluctantly shoots Rowena. But she stops the bullets with her magic before casting a sleeping spell and kidnapping him. That didn’t go quite as planned.

Back at her hotel room, Rowena tells Sam she’s sorry, but she must kill him. Once he’s dead, she’ll be unstoppable, and Death won’t have a choice but to bargain. Too bad Billie doesn’t negotiate and she def doesn’t do blackmail. Death appears but basically just shrugs and tells Rowena to go ahead and kill Sam. But Rowena can’t go through with it. Instead she turns her considerable powers onto Billie who literally cocks a hip and waits impatiently and supremely unbothered until Rowena collapses in exhaustion. Side note, Billy remains one of the most breathtaking creatures I’ve ever seen. She’s freaking gorgeous.  She tells Rowena that there are just some things that can’t be changed or redeemed. Then she tells Dean, who bursts into the room with Jessica by his side, that she’ll see him real soon and I AM NOT OKAY! What the hell did she mean by that because she better not mean what I think she means!

After she leaves, the Winchesters and Rowena, beaten and tired, sit on the floor and talk. Dean & Sam tell her that they believe she can be redeemed, and maybe helping them fight Michael could be a big step. Sam, clearly uncomfortable with the thought of being the one to cause Rowena’s final death, suggests that maybe they can change her fate too. The episode ends with Dean asking Rowena if she’ll help them. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out her answer but I’m guessing she’s in. Despite her protestations, she seems to have a soft spot for the Winchesters. Who can blame her? They’re frigging adorable!

This was a pretty good episode, if not great. It was cool to see what was really going on in Heaven, and to see how Crowley’s death affected Rowena, while helping move the story along and set us up for the final few episodes.

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