‘Timeless’ Review: It’s Bloody Dangerous

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Got it, Timeless?


Because Jiya’s latest vision revealed a future we cannot and will not accept during “The King of the Delta Blues.”

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After struggling with it on her own, Jiya finally told Rufus she saw him being murdered by cowboys near the ocean.

And then the screen faded to black, leaving us to worry about whether the show will continue to channel Final Destination’s ‘death comes no matter what you do to change your circumstances’ rules.


Now that we’ve talked about the cliffhanger, let’s rewind and dissect the rest of the hour, shall we?

The Mothership jumped to 1936. Lucy and Flynn were stumped as to why San Antonio mattered on that particular day, but a drunken Mason knew the answer.

It was the day Robert Johnson and Don Law recorded an album. Johnson’s album led to blues being popular, followed by rock-n-roll, followed by numerous cultural events society couldn’t afford to lose.

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So despite being terrified of the dangers time travel offered, the team recruited Connor to join them in the newly installed fourth Lifeboat seat.

Once he threw up and learned the rules (Get some clothes, steal a car), Connor channeled his inner fanboy and led the mission to make sure Johnson recorded his album.

And the show finally, finally humanized Connor once and for all.

It’s always been a little hard to feel sorry for Connor, considering he made the choice to let Rittenhouse fund his career. He loved living the rich and famous life so much he almost sacrificed Rufus and the rest of the team for it.

And he hasn’t exactly repented. Yes, he’s helping the team, but he’s the first one to admit he’s useless in the bunker. So it was nice seeing him relate to Johnson, who had his own bad luck due to a deal with a devil.

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Of course at first Connor received the wrong message: he planned to follow Johnson’s ‘run away from his problem’ tactics. Mainly because he’d completely lost his self-confidence.

Relatable, right? We’ve all had those moments when too many mistakes and the fear of failing led to not wanting to try at all.

Thankfully, Connor had Rufus by his side. Rufus reminded Connor of a moment they’d shared in the past. When Rufus had stopped believing in himself, Connor had gone out of his way to make him feel better and spiked his confidence.

His pep talk did the trick. Connor stepped in for Don, who had been killed by a sleeper agent, and helped Johnson record his album. The team rallied around his success and Connor returned to 2018 with a new attitude.

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Lucy also returned with a new attitude after Flynn showed her a more vulnerable side to himself.

Flynn insisted that he knows Lucy better than she knows herself since he studied the journal she gave him. He even knew about the vodka she keeps stashed under her bed to help her deal with the whole Wyatt and Jessica situation (ouch).

At first, Lucy did not appreciate Flynn’s insights. But once he opened up a bit about his wife, she talked about how much she misses her sister. Flynn still believes they’ll get the people they love back as long as they don’t give up hope.

Once they were back at the bunker, Lucy pushed Wyatt toward Jessica rather than share details of the mission and then she took her vodka bottle to Flynn’s room. She seems to be willing to take him up on his offer to get to know her better.

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There’s a lot to unpack here. The Lyatt fan in me aches over how far apart they are at the moment. I need Wyatt to wake up and see there’s a reason he can’t let Lucy go even if he allegedly has everything he’s wanted with Jessica.

The Lucy fan in me supports her decision to push him away. Being around him hurts and if she’s going to stand by her terrible choice not to get in the way of Wyatt’s marriage, she does need to create boundaries.

Then there’s the TV fan in me who can’t help being suspicious of Flynn. Call it shipper bias if you want (maybe it is), but this is two weeks in a row where he’s clearly manipulating Lucy. Last week he offered her booze and companionship after spying on her and Wyatt and now he’s using pieces of her journal to gain her trust.

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This is the same man who was willing to murder a child in order to get his own family back last season. Maybe he does genuinely care about Lucy and wants to be there for her because he knows this is a rough time for her.

Or maybe he needs Lucy to trust him in order to get her over to his side so he can betray the rest of the team. Who’s to say? It just seems as if he’s only interested in gaining Lucy’s trust, even if everyone else continues to be suspicious of him.

Never trust someone who wants to separate you from your loved ones, guys.


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Finally, we have to talk about Wyatt’s trip to Rittenhouse. First, Wyatt Logan remains a BAMF. Second, did anyone think he would actually kill Lucy’s mother?


Carol didn’t seem overly concerned, either. And Agent Christopher obviously did not believe Wyatt’s big fat lie about his gun jamming. Let’s hope he listens to her and figures out how to fix things with Lucy.

While we’re on the subject, between the “Previously On” and Agent Christopher not trusting anyone to back Wyatt up, didn’t it feel as if they were hitting the “someone is definitely a Rittenhouse spy” beat pretty hard?

I know I said last week that’s I had my doubts it was Jessica, but it has to be her. Or Flynn (I might have been suspicious of Connor prior to this week’s soul searching, but I think we can cross him off the list).

Unless of course the show is setting up one of the Time Team members to be evil, which I refuse to accept right along with any possibility of Rufus dying.

Miscellaneous Musings

-Did anyone else want to smack Rufus and Wyatt for their childish behavior? That being said, compare the way Wyatt reacted here to when Wyatt told Rufus to “be cool” about him and Lucy. It’s almost like one relationship is precious and one is a high school throwback. Just saying…

-Lucy’s selflessness no bounds. Of course she offered Rufus her room. Of course she was willing to sleep on the couch to make sure everyone else was comfortable and happy. I just want to shake her and beg her to be selfish for a change.

-I’m still laughing at Connor being afraid to ride in his own time machine. It’s smart, considering the ill side effects, but he’s lucky the team didn’t take turns punching him in the face.

-Lucy being a Taylor Swift fan is one more reason to love her.

-I’m so happy the fanboying over history was back. And fanboys (and fangirls) can absolutely save the world, Connor.

-How great was it when Connor was the one to shoot the agent and save Rufus? Their relationship hasn’t been given enough attention this season.

-Agent Christopher saying she trusted Wyatt warmed my heart. They’ve come so far.

-Connor listening to the album and recognizing his “yeah” was adorable.

-Seriously, who is the mole? Are we going to have to wait until the season finale to find out?

-Speaking of finding out, when are we going to get the details of Lucy’s journal? Who has it right now? Does it still exist? Has it changed since Rittenhouse has changed history? Give us answers, please.

Mandy Treccia
Mandy Treccia has served as TVSource Magazine’s Executive Editor since 2016, formerly as Editorial Director from 2012-2016. She is an avid TV watcher and card carrying fan girl prone to sudden bursts of emotion, ranging from extreme excitement to blind rage during her favorite shows and has on more than once occasion considered having a paper bag on hand to get her through some tough TV moments. Her taste in TV tends to rival that of a thirteen-year-old girl, but she’s okay with that.

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  1. Definitely some shipper bias happening here. If Jessica is a Rittenhouse spy, her job is done! She should have already given Rittenhouse the location of the bunker. Sure, Flynn isn’t trustworthy but Lucy is a big girl and can take care of herself. It’s her future self who gave Flynn the diary. Maybe future!Lucy knows something we don’t.

  2. Sorry, it’s your shipping bias. Flynn isn’t manipulating Lucy. It’s not what the beer in the last episode or any of their interactions in this one was about. He genuinely cares for her. And he’s helping her build herself back up after Wyatt. So important right now. He’s not separating her from her loved ones either. He fully supports Lucy getting Amy back, and he had positive interactions with the other characters. You’re confusing it with the fact that he pointed out Wyatt is bad for her right now (which he is). It’s not manipulative. It’s being a friend.

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