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The 100 Recap: ‘Sleeping Giants’

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I’ve flailed, and I can’t get up! *mashes keyboard*. That’s it. That’s my entire review for The 100. Thank you for reading. I jest! The 100’s 5×03 episode, Sleeping Giants, was firing on all cylinders: fights, sacrifice, reunions! Finally, the season is truly starting and it’s taking off running. Let’s dive into this The 100 recap for “Sleeping Giants”.

The 100 Recap: “Sleeping Giants”
Airdate: May 8, 2018

A Long Long Time…In The Future….In a Galaxy…Not At All Far Away:

Up in space our peeps have finally figured out a way to get back down to Earth. All they have to do is jet on over to the Eligius ship and steal some fuel. Not at all difficult. Raven hands over her piloting reins to Emori, allowing her to bring them over in their space-ship so that they can go look for fuel to get them all back to the ground. After a rough landing, Emori starts doubting her badassery-with which Murphy doesn’t help at all-ending in a girl to girl talk with Harper. I LOVE THIS DYNAMIC! I want to see so much more of it. It’s what we deserve.

While Harper and Emori are being girls who support girls, Murphy, Monty, and Echo begin exploring the ship to find the fuel that they need before ultimately stumbling across hundreds of people in cryo-sleep. Who are these people? Well, as Bellamy and Raven find out going through the ships records: a whole bunch of criminals with a focused study in murder. This won’t at all be a problem later in the season, not at all.

After being attacked by an awakened prisoner (thanks to the Eligius crew down on the ground waking him up as a security measure when their alarm was tripped) our Space Babies are put in to an immediate moral dilemma. Pull the plug and kill all 258 prisoners in their sleep now or let them be, leaving them as a problem for their future selves. Ultimately, it’s Bellamy’s call. And his decision? “Clarke didn’t die for us to go back to the ground and make the same mistakes.” They’ve heard over the Eligius com system that the prisoners on the ground have captured a fierce and pretty girl making them believe that they’ve gotten their hands on Octavia. Deciding to use the cryo-sleep prisoners as leverage, Bellamy, Monty, Harper, Echo, and Emori prepare to leave, having to lease Raven behind to be able to pull the switch. Murphy decided to stay behind with her as well, citing that he would be safer with Raven in space than in the ship while Emori is piloting. Though this was a not at all subtle dig at his ex, Murphy ultimately is just trying to do a nice thing and not leave Raven alone because besides, they have an escape pod, right? RIGHT? Raven confesses to Murphy that she lied, there is no escape pod, and then laughs at his expense. Because he was right. “Dying alone would have sucked.”

On The Ground:

Things are not looking great for Clarke and Madi down on Earth. The Eligius people are hunting them down and even though they were able to kill a few, they are still outnumbered. McCreary pulls out a blaster that manages to almost annihilate Clarke and Madi from hundreds of yards away, injuring Clarke. With Clarke’s insistence, Madi hides under some shrubbery while Clarke leads them away after tearfully telling Madi that she loves her.  If you’re a fan of the show then you know Clarke telling people that she loves them doesn’t come easily to her. In a way, she equates telling people ‘I love you’ to dying: Jake, Wells, Finn, Lexa…these are all people that she’s loved who have died in horrible ways. Clarke telling people she loves them is almost her version of “May we meet again.”

Upon capturing Clarke, Diyoza tagged Zeke to be the good cop to her bad cop. Zeke…BLESS ZEKE AND HIS REFERENCES TO ACTUAL CITIES AND MOTORCYCLES AND HIS NEED TO DO THE RIGHT THING. I love him. Granted, it’s only episode three and he has plenty of time to piss me off, but as of right now? I stan. Zeke gave Clarke the benefit of the doubt, thinking that perhaps she didn’t speak English and couldn’t understand the questions they were asking her. Unfortunately for Clarke, Diyoza is sharp as a tack-you don’t become the most wanted terrorist on Earth without being observant-and was able to quickly point out that every time the communications radio clicked on, Clarke looked at it. She wanted them to talk freely in front of her. How extremely Lincoln-esque.

Clarke’s impersonation of a mute was going extremely well until McCreary and the other hunting gang almost captured Madi. Clarke finally broke, snapping out, “No!” when they almost grabbed her. Swearing that she would tell them everything she knew if they just let Madi go-and also warning them that Madi was leading her team in to a deadly trap-Diyoza told her men to stand down and check their surroundings. Sure enough, two more steps and they would have been toast. Damn, I love Madi and her survival brain. Diyoza’s questions for Clarke were simple. “What happened to our planet while we were asleep?”

“Which time?”


Also questioned: How many of there are you? Just the two, obvs,


Bellamy and the rest of the space gang made it down flawlessly thanks to Emori. That’s where the good luck ended. As soon as they exited their pod, they were surrounded by the Eligius army who immediately radioed back to Diyoza telling them that they had found five more people, one of them armed. Clarke immediately looked alarmed, insisting that she knew nothing about them and blessed Zeke believed her. Diyoza did too…but a little torture is fun. She has McCreary put one hell of a shock collar around Clarke’s neck and has him go to town. Once again, Eliza Taylor? NAILED IT. She did “electrocuted” so well that I was cringing the entire time in sympathy pain.

But then….the clouds parted, the sun started shining, birds chirped. Or, Madi was a complete and total bad ass little lady and was able to throw some spears and kill the people that were two seconds away from killing the returned Space Babies. She immediately recognized Bellamy and in a heart stopping moment of anticipation for the audience, revealed to him that Clarke was actually alive and the people in the bunker were still trapped. Grabbing his hand she dragged him off in to the woods and off to save Clarke telling him that she would explain everything on the way. The last three minutes of the show focused exclusively on Bellamy and Clarke. Bellamy telling Madi that he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to Clarke, he swears; Clarke watching the silhouette of Bellamy as it got closer but not being able to know for sure-even though she totally knew- until he spoke; her face when she realized that he came through yet again; Bellamy telling Diyoza that they’re going to strike a deal and showing off the mug that he swiped from their ship to prove that he did indeed have her prisoners in cryo-sleep as hostages; Diyoza observing that if Bellamy was willing to trade 283 lives for just one then she must be pretty important to him; and ultimately…She. Is.

That sound you heard at approximately 8:59pm on May 8th was the sound of millions of fangirl souls ascending and then all of them promptly screeching in joy with very limited breathing. I would know…I was one of them. The long-awaited reunion for Bellamy and Clarke was exactly the way it was always going to be. Bellamy showing back up right as Clarke needed him the most and reassuring the audience that despite six years apart and different relationships having been established-both romantic and familial- that these two are still each other’s person. What comes next is unclear, but as of now: they’re back together which means the story is now truly kicking off.

How We Did:

Ratings came in at another 0.4 in the demos and number five in the Nielsen Daily Top Five. Remember to keep using the hashtag while live tweeting the show so we can continue to make that list. It’s important! #The100

For Your Viewing Pleasure:

Jaclyn and Marcella! Another two of my favorite reactors. They are so involved and passionate and feel everything so much that it is such a pleasure to watch them react to new episodes.

The After-Series Recap

Look out soon for my weekly recap podcast with Post Apocalyptic’s KB Orson where we go more in depth in our reviews and analysis. This week’s after series review is hosted here on TVSourceMagazine and will drop later today!

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