The Originals Review: These Are Our Streets

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Remember last week’s nearly flawless hour of The Originals?

We probably should have watched it again rather than waste time with the latest offering.

Perhaps that’s a bit harsh. There were good moments sprinkled throughout “We Have Not Long to Love.”

But when we’re down to the final five episodes of a series, it’s hard not to be disappointed when an hour fails to drive the narrative in an engaging way.

And once again it’s due to the villains lacking…everything.

Photo: Carin Baer/The CW

While I do appreciate Marcel being forced to realize his tyranny may not have been a crowning achievement back in the day, we’ve seen this beat in past seasons.

Hayley and Vincent both helped Marcel see the damage he’d done to the werewolves and the witches. And Klaus wanting to rule everyone drove the point home.

So why are the prejudiced vamps running the show? Why can’t Marcel and Klaus and Elijah just kill them? Let Hope play, too, now that she’s Team Violence.

We may not have the power to stop real life bigots and demagogues, but the Mikaelson family and friends can easily rid fictional New Orleans of them.

And now Vincent has lost Ivy. My heart hurts for him because he has been doing everything he can to keep the peace in New Orleans. He finally found a little happiness and now it’s gone.

I worry he’s going to turn on Freya. This isn’t her fault at all, but kicking around Freya seems to be popular among the men around her lately.

Plus, she opted for happiness. That rarely—if ever—lasts on this show.

Photo: Carin Baer/The CW

Freya proposing to Keelin was beautiful and special. A little bit clumsy as Freya rushed to explain her decision, but that didn’t take away from its beauty.

If anything, it made it better because love goes hand in hand with nerves and uncertainty.

She deserves this happiness. It’s nice to see her choosing it; even if it did take Keelin almost dying in front of her.

Of course she’s still a Mikaelson and her world will remain on fire. But she’ll have her love by her side and that’s worth celebrating.

Speaking of love, Declan returned…to dump on Freya for not giving him more information on Hayley’s death.

Guys, this is such a weird story. My love for Torrance Coombs thanks to Reign is the only reason I care about this character.

(And we’re talking the tiniest amount possible).

That said, I did love Declan realizing who Elijah was and calling him out for trying to use his grief. It was a dick move, Elijah.

On the other hand, I get where he’s coming from. He missed so much and all he wanted was a little piece of Hayley’s life. Selfish, for sure, but in an understandable way.

I loved Elijah’s speech when he decided to compel Declan. He’s right. Hayley would want his suffering eased. There’s a reason she didn’t bring him into the supernatural world in the first place.

This can’t be it, right? They didn’t make him Cami’s cousin for him not to find out the whole truth. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of our time.

Photo: Carin Baer/The CW

Finally, we have Hope.

The Hollow’s magic is rattling around inside her head and mixing with her hatred for Elijah. She knows it’s not rational. She doesn’t care.

Like Declan, she’s not wrong. Elijah had the best of intentions when he asked Marcel to take his memories. But Hope’s mother is dead. She’s allowed to be irrational.

Unfortunately, that could have catastrophic consequences. Klaus might be onboard with Hope’s violent tendencies for now (hilarious), but he won’t be if she becomes dangerous to anyone who can’t hold his/her own like Elijah can.

Because despite his joke, I don’t believe Klaus would be okay with Hope being mindlessly violent. He wants better for his daughter than he had. And so did Hayley.

Klaus won’t disrespect her memory and lead Hope down a destructive path.

But how will they get out of this predicament? They can’t destroy the magic. It can’t be controlled.

I don’t have any theories at the moment. Other than an undiscovered magical loophole. But I hope the writers have something better in mind than that.

Mandy Treccia
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