Days of our Lives Spoilers: July 16-20, 2018

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In this week’s Days of our Lives spoilers: Theresa and Brady each make one last plea to win custody of Tate. Also: Abigail considers terminating her pregnancy while Kayla and Steve eagerly anticipate a meeting about Steve’s new eye.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Bye, baby

Things come to a head this week as Theresa and Brady pull out all the stops to increase their chances of being granted custody of Tate. With help from Victor, Eve devises another plan to tip the scales in Brady’s favor. When that backfires, Brady is forced to say goodbye to his son as Eve is consumed with guilt over her role.

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Gabi’s revenge against Abigail begins to take shape when she switches the results of Abby’s paternity test. Gabi believes she talks Abigail out of having an abortion by revealing she’s unable to have another child. But when she realizes Abigail is still determined to end it, Gabi sets up a way for Stefan to uncover her pregnancy. With Gabi committed to ruining Abigail’s life as payback for what she did to her, what will be the next phase in her plan?

  • JJ takes the fall in order to help Theresa.
  • Steve and Kayla have a tense cross with Stefan that threatens to derail everything
  • Brady faces having to say good-bye to his son.
  • Gabi takes Stefan to task and reveals her resentment towards “Gabby.”
  • Victor strikes back at Theresa.
  • Roman, John, Marlena and Adrienne buck Steve up as he waits for word if his surgery can move forward.
  • Theresa receives devastating news, which prompts her to leave Salem.
  • Hope and Rafe press Ben to admit he set the fire.
  • Gabi “accidentally” reveals Abigail’s secret.
  • Eli supports Lani as they continue to deal with baby David’s death.

Source Sneak Peek – DAYS Edition – Week of July 23, 2018

Jennifer uses her investigative skills to clear JJ’s name; Steve and Kayla celebrate a huge milestone; Chad and Stefan come to blows; Hope and Rafe are stunned by Ciara’s move to help Ben.

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