Soap Opera Pulse Poll: July 23-27, 2018

Soap Opera Pulse Poll
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TV Source Magazine is re-launching its Soap Opera Pulse Poll after a two-year hiatus! Cast your vote for your favorite soap stars and couples from The Bold and the BeautifulDays of our LivesGeneral Hospital and The Young and the Restless for the week of July 23, 2018.

We know it’s been just a while but here’s how this works: The Soap Opera Pulse Poll launched in 2010 (back when we were known as Soap Opera Source). We take the “pulse” of the fans as they vote for their favorite stars and couples for the week ending. It may look familiar to some of you but we’ve re-built the entire code and (hopefully) made it easier for you to vote. 

Which stars and couples from The Bold and the BeautifulDays of our LivesGeneral Hospital and The Young and the Restless will you cast your vote for this week?

If you notice any stars who’ve who are currently on a show that’s been left off the poll, please tweet us or leave a comment and we’ll add them. There’s bound to be a few omissions. 

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  1. Don Diamont and Jacqueline Macinnes Wood have the kind of chemistry that CBS and the Bold & The Beautiful should have capitalized on even further 7 years ago.

    Whether Steffy & Bill are rivals or lovers, the connection between these two always shine through each and every scene they are in together. I am just very grateful to be watching them find their way back to each other although it’s probably not in the perfect way I would have written it but this is Soaps, not everything will be rainbows and sunshine.

    I appreciate that after years of unrecognizable Steffy that I can see the real Steffy Forrester on my screen that I begin loving all those years ago. I believe with Bill she can be the real Steffy who is the business woman, the schemer, the seductress and simply the kick ass woman who does not take crap from anyone. Bill appreciates Steffy for who she is, and never would want to change her and the same with Steffy to Bill. Before some out of character stuff in 2018, Steffy always loved Bill for exactly who he was even when everyone around him judged him, she was right there by his side.

    Steffy will not have to be worry about standing on some unrealistic pedestal with Bill because he’s always loved each version of who she was and is.

    I hope that this is just the beginning of the rebirth of a relationship that really never should have ended to begin with. The story always should have been Steffy & Bill as the true next supercouple of The Bold & The Beautiful.

  2. I’ve been routing for Rope since the very beginning. I feel like there is so more of their story to tell. Ropeful that a reunion is SOON! ❤️

  3. Don Diamont, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Steffy and Bill.

  4. Mishael Morgan
    Bryton James
    Hilary & Devon ❤️

  5. I chose Scott Clifton, Jacqueline MacInne Woods, Annika Noelle, Liam & Steffy and Liam & Hope to vote for. Love me some Steam and Lope every time I watch Bold & Beautiful!

  6. Voted for:
    Actor: John Aniston
    Actress: Suzanne Rogers
    Couple: Victor & Maggie from Days of our Lives

  7. I love Alexis and Julian!! I voted for them <3

  8. I like the couple Jason & Sam watching them for years,great chemistry they have with one another.Please hurry and reunite them

  9. Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans prove time and again that Steve and Kayla belong together and their love will overcome all obstacles. Hopefully Days of our Lives will find a way to re-sign Stephen.

  10. I love Rafe & Hope together and am glad that they finally appear to be heading toward officially reuniting. If only they could have a conversation that wasn’t about Ben or Hope’s adult daughter.

  11. Loved the scenes with Hope & Rafe, looks like Hope is on her way back to Rafe. Sure hope so, they are my favycoupke.❤️

  12. Loving Ben and Ciara so much. Love how unexpected they were and look forward to watching them fall in love.

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