The Originals Review: Beauty in the Moment

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Wedding bells rang on The Originals as Klaus learned of the grim fate awaiting the youngest Mikaelson.





(Sorry your wedding was upstaged by a hug, Freya. But facts are facts).

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

“Til the Day I Die” didn’t quite live up to the greatness of “The Kindness of Strangers”, but it did once again bring the whole family together for a quieter hour.

“Quiet” of course being a bit of a stretch in this universe, but compared to last week’s massacre, things were calm—and sad—in the aftermath of Josh and Ivy’s deaths.

Before we get to the good stuff, we should talk about Declan learning everything from Kieran’s journal.

I don’t care.

Not even a little

If you wanted a human faction, show, you should have let Cami live as its leader.

Also, how many times does Marcel need to learn the same lesson? He should get it by now.

Let’s give Freya her due: her entire life has been about family one way or another.

She was sacrificed for her siblings, returned to them after 1,000 years, and continued to sacrifice her wants and needs to keep them safe.

So I don’t blame her for taking Keelin up on her offer to get married that day regardless of the chaos. They love each other and they’ve put their happiness on hold long enough.

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

But there was one last problem to overcome before the ladies could say I do: Freya doesn’t want to have kids because she worried she may one day sacrifice them like her selfish parents.

And instead of discussing it with Keelin, she played along every time she and Keelin discussed having a family.

Keelin was rightfully angry and devastated and the wedding appeared to be off for a commercial break or two. Thankfully, Rebekah gave her sister the push she needed to be honest with Keelin.

It turned out she too worried about passing her werewolf gene onto the next generation. But the ladies agreed to keep their options open and to love each other through it all.

A beautiful, beautiful scene that both actresses executed flawlessly. If you shed a tear or two with them, you’re not alone.

Meanwhile, Elijah continued down his grief spiral and we were treated to flashbacks of when Hayley popped up at the bar in France to visit. She introduced herself as Andrea.

I still can’t decide if these scenes were the greatest ever or if they were salt in the wound. I’ve been a Haylijah fan since the pilot and while I never thought anyone would have a happy ending in this universe, I didn’t expect this outcome.

Daniel Gillies and Phoebe Tonkin still have it. That chemistry, that spark that lights up their scenes and draws Elijah and Hayley together whether they’re in love, fighting, or alleged strangers.

They shared a dance and a lingering moment where they agreed maybe they’d see each other in another life.

(I swear if Elijah dies and they don’t have that reunion dance, I may have to scream into the void for the rest of eternity. Don’t make me do that, show).

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However, it turned out Elijah wasn’t as clueless as he pretended at the time. He felt the connection and put the pieces together. Therefore, when Elijah walked into that house and saw Hayley in trouble, he didn’t think it was some random woman.

He knew. And he let her die anyway.

Talk about pain.

So rather than deal with it, Elijah decided to pack it up. He denied Freya’s request to walk her down the aisle, refused to stay and help Klaus, and grabbed a suitcase.


Here’s the thing, though. Even before he opened Hayley’s letter, there was zero doubt in my mind that he would leave for real.

Not only because it’s the final season and he can’t just slip away like Vincent (side note: he’ll be back, right?), but I knew Elijah would come through for one simple reason:

No one—no one—makes a last minute entrance like Elijah Mikaelson.

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

And sure enough, after encouraging words from Hayley about how she forgave him and would move on, but also love him forever, he arrived in time to join Klaus so they could both walk Freya down the aisle.

My heart.

Unfortunately, Klaus had more than his eldest sister’s wedding on his mind. Davina (welcome back!) performed a spell to help Hope only to discover the dark magic was killing her.

And there’s nothing any of them can do about it.

Look, we know that’s not the case. There will be a last minute cure; likely involving the death of one or more of the Original vampires.

(Because even if Legacies wasn’t on the fall schedule, there’s no way The Originals would end with Hope dying while everyone else lives).

Of course the audience knows that, but Klaus does not. And even as he tried to hold it together to celebrate Freya and not burden her with the news, he exchanged looks with Rebekah throughout the ceremony that spoke volumes.

Twisting the knife even further, Hope had no idea she was in mortal peril. Instead, she felt like part of the family—part of always and forever—for the first time as the family had a rare moment of happiness.

After Klaus put his tipsy daughter to bed, he stood on the balcony with Elijah. Would they fight again? Would they try to concoct a new plan? Nope.

Klaus breathed his brother’s name and Elijah grabbed him and hugged him. And they held each other as Klaus gave into his pain.

You guys!!!!!!!!

Too many feelings.

I’m going to miss them so much.

We still have two episodes left and the search for a cure for Hope is on. Again, I’m predicting sacrifices from Klaus, Elijah, and maybe Rebekah, too.

There are going to be a lot of tears.

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