Podcast EP 43, Part 2: Week in Soaps – StrangleBae, Confronted

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In part two of the Week in Soaps episode of the TV Source podcast for the week of July 23, 2018, our hosts discuss the ramp up to General Hospital’s Michael and Chase exposing Nelle, PC women discuss sexual harassment and the off-screen baby journey for Brad and Lucas; on Days of our Lives — reactions to Eve confronting Ben, Gabi’s machinations take a new turn, Hope’s valid reasons to be worried about Ciara and more!

Episode Taped: July 28, 2018

Note: There were some slight audio issues we wouldn’t fix in post production. Also sorry this is late, it’s been a busy week!

    • (1:00) General Hospital: The countdown to Nelle’s exit is on as Chase and Michael set a trap, but will foreshadowing show this will somehow backfire on them in some way? Alexis stages an intervention with Kiki in an effort to prove to her what she’s doing by battling Dr. Bensch is the right thing to do — enlisting the help of Ava, Jordan, Kim and Olivia to do it. It was a series of great scenes, but some feel it was missing something. Speaking of the #GHToo story, an aspect that’s gone unmentioned in all of this is TJ — he was the better student and more qualified for the internship than Kiki, but was passed over. Why isn’t that being threaded into the narrative? 
    • (25:20)  Days of our Lives: Ted is a legend! He’s manipulating Will and Sonny but we’re hoping this is a part of a major scheme and Leo is alive watching it all unfold #LOCKSONNYUP; Gabi’s taking a page out of the schemers of great DAYS past — Kate and Sami — for inspiration in dragging Abigail to hell; why we’re okay with Chad’s reaction to news of Abigail’s pregnancy.
    • (47:50) Let’s Talk about #CIN: Eve rages on Ben, Hope is a bystander, Rafe wants to set him up, Ciara forgives Tripp and Tripp wants to start all over. Princess Claire wants forgiveness too.
      • Everyone knows how much we love #Stranglebae Ben Weston, but we love how Salem is reacting to Ben’s freedom, especially Eve’s visceral reaction to seeing him. Eve’s confrontation with Ben was great TV, and her anger towards him is more than valid. Ben took away Eve’s only child, and if she wants to beat his ass on sight every time then so be it. Eve is under no obligation to understand Ben’s mental illness, or tolerate him or forgive him. We touched on this in May in the lead up to Ben’s return.

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