Podcast EP 44: Week in Soaps – Saw It Coming


In the new Week in Soaps episode of the TV Source podcast, we rundown the soap happenings July 30-August 3, 2018. The babyswitch we all saw coming a mile away on General Hospital takes place, but with a sinister twist! Are Brad and Lucas being shortchanged in this story? On The Young and the Restless, Devon unleashes fury on Cane and Lily like we’ve never seen and Summer channels her mother’s skill of seduction; on Days of our Lives, Jennifer confronts Eve and gets blackmailed in response, speaking of blackmail — Gabi gets a new ally in Kate, and Ben & Ciara serve rom-com realness.

Episode Taped: August 5, 2018

(01:45) General Hospital: The baby switch we all saw coming a mile away happens, but with a sinister AF twist! Nelle gives her baby to Brad and makes Michael think theirs died when she takes Brad & Lucas’ dead baby. How do we feel about this? Highlight concerns Brad/Lucas’ baby story was only done for this purpose.

(20:30) The Young and the Restless: Devon unleashes fury on Cane and Lily for Hilary’s death and the coverup. Summer becomes her mother in every way – seducing Kyle to get what she wants in order to uncover the identity of Phyllis’ mystery hookup. Why? Because she wants Billy. And lord have mercy — one host has some choice words for Abby Newman’s new festish. To quote him — “don’t fall for it!”

(41:18) Days of our Lives: The seeds are being planted for upcoming returns and it’s the way soaps should be done — slow burn, not heavy handed; Jennifer confronts Eve and Victor about setting up Theresa, and when she threatens to expose Eve to Brady, Eve tells her she’ll reveal the real reason Nicole left Salem! Things are getting juicy! Gabi has a near attack conscious almost happens with JJ but she thinks better of it, and later blackmails her way into an alliance with Kate

(51:50) Summer of Cin: Our babies do so much with the little airtime they receive. A bumped head leads to quality time spent between Ben & Ciara. Once we find us a man who looks at us like Ben looks at Ciara, it’s over for you heauxs.

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