Podcast EP 45: Week in Soaps – What That Mouth Do?

In the new Week in Soaps episode of the TV Source podcast, we rundown the soap happenings for August 13-17, 2018. On The Young and the Restless, why has Hilary’s death turned into a story about Cane & Lily? Why is Nate a walking daily inspirational Pinterest board? Neil and Ashley’s relationship sparks discussion; on General Hospital, Ava and Kiki’s confrontation is the TV we deserve and return this baby switch story to sender since the main gays with the baby are getting no real POV; on Days of our Lives, the show’s about to kick into high gear and it’s the moment we’ve been waiting to see for months, WilSon reunion on the horizon and if only we could be the cereal in Ben’s mouth! All this and more in the Season One finale of the TV Source Podcast!

Episode Taped: August 19, 2018

Note: We know this took a while but we promise it will be worth it. There’s something we added in post-production that was a last minute addition.

(02:50) The Young and the Restless: The momentum from Hilary’s death was short-lived, as what should have been a tale about a grieving husband in Devon wanting those who he feels hurt him to pay, has turned into a mess of whatever with Cane & Lily. Nate continues to be a cliche too. What’s the deal with Neil and Ashley? They’re fine on paper, but there’s something about Neil that’s just…off. Is it the lack of Dru factor? Also: Abby changing herself to be with the man she’s into at the moment.

(21:26) General Hospital: The verdict is in and we’re not talking about Paul Manafort. Dr. Bensch was found guilty of sexually harassing Kiki, but because men never pay the consequences for anything they do in Port Charles, he gets to keep his job. Anyways, the real fireworks came in the heated confrontation between Ava and Kiki in Casa Jerome. When we tell you those ladies left it all on the set that day, we mean it. It was a great episode for them. As great as that was, unfortunately, we’re ready to return this baby switch storyline back to sender. Why have Brad and Lucas not spent any on-screen time with their new baby? How are viewers expected to be emotionally invested in the happiness of these characters when it’s never shown? Also, girl, who is Nina’s baby? We think it’s Francesca but that would be the right thing to do… 

(59:45) Days of our Lives: The last of year has been building to what viewers are about to see next week. The pieces are in place, the foundation is set, and now it’s time to burn Salem to the ground! Can we not police how people enjoy their show please? Also: We’re talking Ted/Kate, WilSon, Horita and amusement with Stefan blackmailing Kayla. Stefan’s been a bit of a mess but we think they’re finally getting his characterization right.

(1:24:00) #TVSCinTalk: What that mouth do, Ben Weston? Get you a man who eats cereal the way Ben does while looking at Ciara. Some say the Ben/Ciara storyline is moving too fast, and we’re like “bitch, where?”. Their story is moving slowly — and we’re okay with it! You can’t rush stories like this, and we’re glad DAYS is taking its time. 

Oh, and be sure to listen to the end to see what you can expect in Season Two!

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