Podcast S2 EP3: Week In Soaps – “She’s A Plot Device!”

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We’re late but the new episode of the TV Source podcast is here! Things get heated in the latest Week in Soaps episode when discussing General Hospital’s Peter/Maxie and Robin’s role (or not) as a plot device. Also in this episode: Is Doug Davidson out at The Young and the Restless or not? Also are we liking the Rosales family? Why is General Hospital telling so many mystery storylines? Days of our Lives‘ Sheila brings Bonnie little Bonnie Jr. for Lucas, and John Black is ready to disown his disloyal daughter and toss her into the trash heap with Marlena’s advanced directive! Drink it in, man…a new TV Source podcast starts now!

Episode Taped: September 16, 2018

Hot Topics: Doug Davidson is gone from The Young and the Restless, or so he says. The man still chasing Jesse’s girl, Rick Springfield, tweets out a petition in support, and of course, Stephen Nichols weighs in. Is there a vet problem or a newbie problem in daytime? Also, is Eric Braeden leaving? The great one says no! He’s just taking a break.

The Young and the Restless: Rey (no Mysterio) has taken over Genoa City PD? Lola rolls into Kyle’s life? Thoughts on the Rosales clan and how they’re fitting into the canvas so far. Also: Instead of unleashing holy hell on those who’ve wronged him, Devon has forgiven Lily in record time and all is well within the Winters. Devon should be threatening to take every thing Cane loves, including his children and company but nah.

General Hospital: #LockMikeUp? From mob stories to unnecessary explosions that don’t really go boom, the Alzheimer’s story has gone way off the rails. Meanwhile, Robin’s back in town to help people forgive Peter, at least that’s what two of our hosts think. Debate ensues as an unnecessarily long discussion about Peter & Maxie then takes place. Asking again — Why is Ryan Chamberlain back? Why are there so many mysteries within mysteries happening?

Days of our Lives: Sheila returns to Salem with Baby Bonnie Beyonce Bubbles Lockhart-Horton! Will Lucas actually help his baby mama out? The family goes from dragging Sami to turning on Belle for wanting to take Marlena off the ventilators. Incredible performances all the way around. Who’s side are we on this week? 

Let’s Talk about Cin (YES IT’S BACK, FINALLY): Is Hope a trick ass bitch? Ben sees right through her while Claire is still playing the game. Tripp is dumb (but funny and cute) and Ciara is oh so confused. Has Hope finally crossed the line?

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