Author, Journalist Stephanie Guerilus Releases New Novel “Control”


Four years after the release of her debut novel, By Any Means Necessary, multimedia journalist, author and friend of TV Source Magazine, Stephanie Guerilus returns to your book shelves with her anticipated sophomore effort, Control.

Need something to add to your fall reading list? Look no further than the second novel from talented writer, Stephanie Guerilus.

Control, whose title is lifted from the iconic name of Janet Jackson’s song, lives up to its name. Theresa Marie Jenkins is a 17-year-old who thinks she knows it all. As the saying goes, a hard head makes for a soft ass and Reesa learns the hard way that she doesn’t really know much about life.

Reesa quickly becomes an it girl after speaking up at a Black Lives Matter protest but her activism gets in the way of her career. She wants to be the next pop diva on the charts. For that to happen, Reesa will have to be packaged; smile and wave as though she’s a beauty pageant. She’ll have to give control to advisers who want her to sing on cue, tap dance on command, no throwing shoes at parties and keeping her mouth shut on the culture. If only Reesa had just sat there and ate her food.

Stephanie Guerilus is a native of Brooklyn, New York. The daughter of Haitian immigrants, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Temple University and is a multimedia journalist who is actively involved with the National Association of Black Journalists.

Stephanie spent four years working at The Philadelphia Tribune as a general assignment report. During her time there, she’s interviewed Victoria Rowell, the Rev. Al Sharpton, Olympian Dawn Staley, Mary Mary, Shirley Caesar, B. Scott and other notable figures.

Since leaving the Tribune, Stephanie has been a freelance journalist whose various writings have appeared on such outlets as MadameNoire and Urban Cusp.

Jig saw puzzles, soap operas (R.I.P. #Hevon), current events, pop culture and her iPhone are just a few of her passions.

Stephanie is also an extremely talented blogger whose work has been talked about favorably among Soap Twitter for years. From her take on Days of Our Lives‘ hottest new potential pairing, to the constant fight for fair representation and diversity, her work is always thoughtful and poignant. We know that Control has been a 10 year labor of love for Stephanie, and we are proud to see it come to fruition. Not only are we friends, we are fans!

Purchase Control now in Kindle and Paperback form!

Follow Stephanie on Twitter and visit her official website for more info!

Ashley Dionne
Ashley Dionne joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2014. She served as TV Source's deputy editor from 2016-2019. In 2021, she resumed hosting duties on the TV Source Podcast.

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