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The TV Source Team is here again with another edition of the Week in Soaps podcast, covering highlights from October 8-12, 2018. In this episode, we get Michele’s first impressions of Hollyoaks and dive into the soaps special Mental Health Awareness Day episode. The Young and the Restless wrapped up Jack’s paternity caper and appears to be wrapping the death of JT story rather quickly are we enjoying the outcome? Margaux plan takes center stage on General Hospital and Eric finds Nicole on Days of our Lives. Let’s jump right into the new TV Source podcast!

Episode Taped: October 14, 2018
Hosts: Johnathon, Ashley, Coryon, Lacey and Michele


  • Michele’s First Impressions
  • This week’s Special Episode focused on Cleo for Mental Health Awareness. Ashley was impressed, why?

The Young and the Restless

  • Jack’s paternity story comes to a sudden ending as Ashley reveals it was all a lie…
  • The Genoa City Four get ominous I know what you did last summer letters… Is JT alive, where do we see/want this story to go?
  • Summer catches Kyle and Lola kissing- What’s the cast reaction to Lola?

General Hospital

  • Laura is back, and becoming suspicious of Kevin…How do we want this to play out?
  • Margaux offered Drew his memories in exchange for damaging information on Sonny…. Can this memories on a flash drive wrap up?
  • JaSam kiss!!! And agree to take it slow
  • John’s girl Nelle made a court appearance

Days of our Lives

  • Lucas vs. Bonnie for custody of Baby Bonnie! Mimi isn’t happy!
  • Eric finds Nicole, whose married to Xander! They then proceed to HOOK UP! Is anyone enjoying this arc?
  • Brady slept with Kristen and finds EJ in Nashville!
  • CIN – Promo

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  1. Regarding the scheming, I think they should age Ciara up (in terms of writing/maturity) and not age Ben down. I felt that change in her immediately following the cabin arc and it was refreshing. But ever since then, I feel they’ve downplayed Cin’s maturity at times to fit Tripp & Claire into the story. I always imagined they would move Cin in a more adult direction outside of Clipp as this quad highlights the age diff. I hope Ben doesn’t actually go along with this. It goes back to that Wyatt mess a little bit but at least they were teen-esque. This writing worries me.

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