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After a week off, the TV Source team is back with another edition of the Week in Soaps podcast, covering highlights from October 1-5, 2018. In this episode, we introduce a new segment discussing UK soap opera Hollyoaks. We get first impressions from the hosts who are just watching for the first time, and compare to the feel to the US soaps. We’ve also got reaction to Nick and Sharon’s wedding drama on The Young and the Restless, Laura’s return to General Hospital and Marlena finally waking up from her coma on Days of our Lives. Let’s dive into the new TV Source podcast!

Episode Taped: October 7, 2018
Hosts: Johnathon, Ashley, Lacey and Ryan


  • First impressions from the newbies to the show.
  • Differences compared to US soaps.
  • How do they have like 80 cast members for a 20 minute show and still have better balance than ours?
  • Sienna is an early favorite for the newcomers.

General Hospital

  • Laura’s back (finally). Will GH do right by Genie Francis this time? Time will tell, but it’s good to see Laura with a little bit of spunk.
  • So Nina’s daughter is apparently Sasha Gilmore…*crickets* Is the story working out a little too easy? We expected more of  a twist, but maybe circumstances changed.
  • The bland writing for Jason and Sam has made it difficult to invest in anything they do. Maybe going “back” isn’t the right thing despite wanting it?

The Young and the Restless

  • Sharon and Nick’s wedding fallout gives good drama, but will we be back in this same place two years from now? How many times can they hurt each other before enough is enough?
  • With Billy out at Jabot, he gets in with Summer. Ew.

Days of our Lives

  • Sami learns the lengths John went to protect her mother, and is so proud of him for doing so. With Marlena awake, she reveals the second-shooter.
  • Why is Maggie helping Eric find Nicole?
  • Lucas bonding with baby Bonnie just as it’s revealed that Mimi is actually the child’s mother!
  • CIN Developments — Ciara asked Ben to move out of the loft after the police released him from custody

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  1. Would you happen to have any teasers on what Cin will be doing during November sweeps? I thought they’d be closing the fire storyline but now I’m a little confused.

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