General Hospital Spoilers: November 5-9, 2018


In this week’s General Hospital spoilers: The fallout from “Kevin” ending things with Laura, Chase has an awkward encounter; Margaux is blindsided by Sonny’s revelation about her father. Get a sneak peek of what goes down in Port Charles in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 5, 2018.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Alliance You Never Saw Coming

Armed with the information he feels will knock Margaux down a peg or two, an eager Sonny gets the opportunity for the confrontation he wanted when he sees the district attorney drowning her sorrows at the Floating Rib. Margaux pushes Sonny’s buttons, and he gladly returns the favor when he reveals her mother was having an affair with Scully, and is the one who suggested killing her father so they could be together! Needless to say, the news rocks Margaux, who doesn’t know her father, to her core. After all, she’s built up this narrative in her head about the kind of man he was, only to have that shattered when she learned he was a mob attorney, and now her mother could be implicated in his death? It’s complete devastation for a character we only met months ago and has so much pain viewers need to see! This leads to the forging of an unholy (temporary) alliance with the DA and the teflon don as they work to find out the truth. Yay November Sweeps!

More General Hospital Spoilers

  • Carly leans on Jason. Margaux begins an investigation. Curtis volunteers his help. Spencer does his part. Ava feels anxious.
  • Jordan gets bad news. Charlotte is onto Spencer. Lucas gains a new perspective. Anna takes the next step. Chase has an awkward encounter.
  • Carly interrupts Laura. Brad shares a secret with Britt. Michael is reluctant. Nina makes a call. Lulu is forced to step away.
  • Elizabeth questions Cameron’s motivation. Nelle is up to her old tricks. Julian consoles Kim. Oscar relies on his friends. Margaux gets the proof she needs.
  • Sonny proves his point. Ava is intrigued. Terry confides in Elizabeth. Franco and Nina bond. Kiki is supportive.

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – Week of November 12, 2018

Sonny wonders what might have been; Monica shares her experience; Curtis is touched by Drew’s act of kindness; Elizabeth is heartbroken.


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  1. Oh GH TPTB, bless your heart, you forgot it’s sweeps again, and this is NOT soapy fun stories. That’s a whole lot of new folks I don’t know, I don’t care about yet, so no point in watching. Momma-hating kiki and preechy Griffin, well that’s all just meh. And sonny can just go to jail for a bit, give Carly something new to cry about… This is NOT good.

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