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Blue Bloods Recap: ‘Handcuffs’

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This episode found Danny trying to help a friend and battle whether he is ready to move on, Erin breaks some bad news to Nicky about her new boyfriend, Frank flexes the NYPD’s muscles while Jamie and Eddie deal with the fallout. Never a dull week with the Reagans.

The Tale of Two Nickys

Nicky finally gets an episode this season and a new boyfriend! I was definitely #TeamErin during Erin and Nicky’s lunch date with her boyfriend, wait for it, Nicky (Cue the eyeroll)! The two were just gross with the sweetness, “You tell her how we met.” the giggles, “You tell the story so much better than I do!” and just schmoopy crap “We’re both Nicky!”. I felt Erin’s eye roll in my soul. Then came the good part: “How old are you?”

Turns out he’s thirty and Erin is none too happy about it. She vents to Anthony who asks all the “dad” questions, “Is he a good guy? Is he nice? Does it seem like he treats her good?” to which Erin replies, “He’s thirty!” (Have I mentioned how much I adore Anthony and Erin? Because I do! Hey, Blue Bloods, do me a solid and get these two together, already!). But it turns out that Nicky’s new boyfriend is the nephew of Erin’s latest target of an investigation. Armed with that info, Erin goes to Nicky to tell her that her new boyfriend might not be all he seems. Nicky doesn’t take it well and assumes Erin is making it about her instead of Nicky.

But Nicky isn’t a fool and sets a trap for her new boyfriend. She leaves him alone with what he thinks is Erin’s briefcase and we see him taking pictures of what he assumes are court documents about his uncle’s trial. Nicky comes back in, wanting to take a picture of him and sees the video of him doing the deed. She sighs, “I hate it when my mother is right.” Don’t we all, Nicky?

Moving on?

Danny had an interesting episode this week.

Is it time for the widower to move on? There are signs that the time might be coming.

Danny was asked to help keep a kid off the streets and live the straight and narrow by the boy’s older sister. While Danny was able to keep his promise to help the brother, the story for me was the sister and Danny.

Is it time for Danny to move on? Danny seemed aware of the crush the boy’s sister had on him and he was actually flirting back on occasion. While at the end of the episode he admitted it was too soon, what does that actually mean?

I would hope that when Danny finally moves on, it will be with someone more age appropriate for him. While this woman was perfectly lovely, she was also very young. Also, she was giving me Baez vibes. Everyone who knows me knows that I would jump on a Danny/Baez ship if they gave me one. Is this some weird foreshadowing? I really hope so, but I can’t get my hopes up.

The Right Call?

Frank and company at 1PP made a call that I can’t say I was one hundred percent behind. It starts out with a video surfacing of Eddie and some other cops being verbally harassed at an apartment complex. Instead of giving into the verbal assault, the officers walk away. Frank is none too pleased by what he sees as a moment of weakness and calls for a police takedown at the complex.

Garrett is appalled and frankly, so was I. While I can understand wanting to show force, I really felt like this was a little much. Apparently Frank and Jamie also thought so, which made me feel a little better. It was a nice talk between father and son with neither of them knowing if it was the right decision, but a decision they had to stand by. A high profile arrest out of the takedown took some of the sting out of it for Garrett, while Eddie and Jamie were given the credit.

This is all well and good, but here is my question: Did Eddie and Jamie tell their captain they were engaged before she went to the 2-9? It doesn’t seem like it, which will be a huge problem. Jamie is finally making headway with his officers and his commander. Eddie is finally coming into her own (Can she please be promoted to Detective, please??) in this new precent. I don’t know how it works in the NYPD, but if there was such a huge problem with them being partners and engaged, how is it going to look now that Jamie is her Sergeant? All I know is that this needs to come out sooner than later.

I liked this episode as a whole, but Blue Bloods really needs to work on some of these plots. Does Nicky have a job? Is she going to join the NYPD like she talked about last year? Is Danny ever going to tell anyone about the fact that his wife might have been murdered? Can Erin finally get a love interest or a story outside of the DA’s office? Are Jamie and Eddie ever going to be able to let anyone know they are engaged? Does anyone know other than the family and IPP?

If anyone finds out the answers, let me know!

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