Legacies Review: Family is Always and Forever

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The latest hour of Legacies packed one hell of an emotional punch.

As promised in last week’s previews, “Mombie Dearest” brought the twins’ biological mother back from her untimely grave.

Still in the wedding dress she wore when her twin murdered her, Jo arrived in Ric’s office with questions.

Naturally, and correctly, Ric, Dorian, and Emma assumed Jo’s resurrection connected to the influx of monsters.


While Dorian and Emma did their best to keep clear heads—and protect the knife—Ric and the twins reacted with their hearts.

(And broke mine in the process).

Photo: Mark Hill/The CW

Lizzie opted out of the family reunion. Caroline is her mother, and, even though she’s missing her Sweet 16 party, Lizzie’s loyal.

Josie, on the other hand, desperately needed a connection after coming in second once again. She reached out to Jo, who was more than happy to enjoy a mother-daughter bonding session.

Unfortunately, the zombie magic keeping Jo alive reared its ugly head and she buried Josie in the woods to send a message to Ric.

Hope, Penelope, and MG banded together to rescue her while Rafael let Lizzie down not so gently in the middle of a dance.

Left with no other option, the Saltzman family shared a teary goodbye, and then the twins syphoned away the magic.

Finally, Ric and Dorian came face to face with the monster behind it all: the Necromancer.


-It’s easy to say Lizzie is the worst. She’s self-involved and more of a mean girl than Penelope. But we can’t forget that 1) she’s a teenager and being a teenager is hard and 2) most of her personality is an act she puts on to protect herself.

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Lizzie is desperate for Rafael to love her, not because she feels a meaningful connection to him, but because she wants to be chosen. She wants to feel special for real. Not because it’s her birthday or because she’s popular.

But, at the same time, she can’t see what’s right in front of her. She can’t see how much she hurts Josie. She can’t see how MG is the absolute best, and she should be begging him for forgiveness.

Part of that is being a teenager, but part of it is being human in general. We can’t always see what’s good for us. We don’t always know when we hurt other people. Especially, like in Josie’s case, when those people don’t speak up.

But Jo recognized her daughter’s big heart. She forgave her and urged her not to shield her heart so much.

-We have to talk about Penelope. Sure, she’s still a bit of a mean girl, but she owns her selfishness (is it really selfish when she’s doing what she does to help Josie?). But in her own way, she did help MG.

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The vampire is amazing and easily the most sincere character on the show. If Lizzie can’t see that, he should get over her. Maybe there’s another girl out there who will appreciate him and he deserves that.

Penelope and Hope teaming up to take their aggression out on the zombies was pure fun. Hope’s inner Mikaelson shone bright.

And then, AND THEN, the Penelope/Josie kiss!!!!!!!!!!

The sparks were flying all over the place. Clearly, Penelope regrets her bad life choice. And Josie, despite her “I hate you”, still has real feelings swirling in her heart.

I am here for it. #TeamPosie

-Even though she ended up buried alive, Josie’s quality time with her mother was worth it. Jo helped Josie understand their similarities and what makes her special.

Hope played a part in that, too. She gave her a necklace that “makes quiet things heard.” Sure, she probably didn’t intend for it to be quite so literal, but it showed Josie that Hope can see who she is, too.


-Rafael and Hope seemed like a strange combination, didn’t they? Not a potential love triangle, thankfully, but more of an odd partners turned reluctant friends’ thing.

He admitted he’s not over his girlfriend (understandable) and he also pushed Hope out of her loneliness comfort zone.

(Bonus points for the Auntie Bex reference).

-I think this is the first episode to mention Caroline by name? And a shout out for Stefan in Ric’s recap to Jo of what she’s missed (TeamSteroline4Ever). Caroline’s true mission is to find a way to stop what happens to the twins when they turn 22.

(If you haven’t watched The Vampire Diaries and you don’t know, it’s insane. If you have and you know exactly what I’m talking about, it’s still insane).

-Ric and Jo broke my heart. Out of all the doomed Alaric pairings over the years, Jo was his best match (sorry, Aunt Jenna). Their chemistry, their outlooks on life, the fact that she saved his life, all of it—their love story was his best one.

Seeing them together again was beautiful and magical and of course, painful, because it couldn’t last. Go ahead and try not to cry when Jo asked him to thank Caroline for being such a good mom to her girls.

Or when Ric promised that he would try to be happy.

And, if by some miracle you survived that scene without tears, the final family moment twisted the knife.

Kudos to all of the actors—they showed us that pain and it hurt on a deep, gut level. It wasn’t fair that Lizzie and Josie had to end their mother’s return. It wasn’t fair that Ric had to lose his almost-wife all over again.

But it was powerful to watch.

-Thankfully, the Necromancer lightened the mood (this show). He seems genuinely baffled that no one remembers him.

Next week should be fun.

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