‘The 100’ Review: ‘Face Behind The Glass’ – Rebirths & Renaming, But Does Anyone Still Remain?

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The 100 — “The Face Behind the Glass” — Image Number: HU604C_0017b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Bob Morley as Bellamy and Tasya Teles as Echo — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Meh Things

Echo’s Back-Story: I don’t claim to speak for everyone but personally for me? It’s too little too late for this particular beat. It would have made more sense in season five, preferably even season four if they were going to attempt turning an antagonist in to a protagonist. Like it or not, Echo started out as a threat/villain to the people we consider our heroes. That’s just a fact. Now, some people like her, some love her, some hate her, and some people are like me and we just don’t care. It feels obvious to me that we’re getting the sad story of little Echo now because audiences screamed that it made no sense to have her hook up with the male lead of the show as a redemption arc. So, now we’re getting an actual redemption arc with character back-story and all. Those who love Echo will be thrilled. For the rest of us, it was just a missed opportunity that should have been done a long time ago for the sake of the character if she was meant to last the long run.

The 100 — “The Face Behind the Glass” — Image Number: HU604C_0017b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Bob Morley as Bellamy and Tasya Teles as Echo — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Speaking of Echo and lasting the long-run, I can’t help but remember Finn Collins(who some people weirdly love and some people rightfully view as a lying, cheating, two-faced, hypocrite, douchecanoe) and how we got his back-story that was supposed to show audiences, “Hey. He wasn’t so bad.” And then he died that very same episode. So, the question remains: are we supposed to be investing in Echo as an audience because she’s here for the long run and the writers want us to care about her or is she getting the Finn Collins treatment?

Things I Didn’t Like:

If You Guessed Raven, You Guessed Right: Clarke is trying to apologize and Raven is just stone-walling her every step of the way. Clarke isn’t some pure and innocent little thing but she’s not Satan for God’s sake. People don’t have to forgive you if they feel you’ve hurt them, but for goodness sakes. Let the woman breathe. I can only hope that the Yana Grebenyuk’s review over on TV Fanatic holds true (which you can read here https://www.tvfanatic.com/2019/05/the-100-season-6-episode-4-review-the-face-behind-the-glass/) and the possibility of Clarke being dead or ‘gone’ is enough for people like Murphy and Raven to realize just how much she means to them and that while they’re angry, they still love her.

As an aside, Shaw just died a few days ago so I’m really hoping that we’re not supposed to be viewing Raven and Ryker as a thing. Too soon, show. Too soon.

Honorable Mentions:

Kaylee: She is clearly not buying what Russell is putting down with his amends at the opening Naming Ceremony. It seemed clear that she knew it was all pageantry and she didn’t believe a word that was coming out of his mouth. It would also stand to reason that Kaylee is going to prove be a nuisance for Russell, Simone, and Josephine in the not at all distant future.


After every episode airs the group chat is alive with some wickedly smart babes putting together pieces and theorizing. We don’t always agree with where we think something is going but 9/10 we do. So, this is a collaboration of all of those theories.

  • Simone showed interest in Diyoza’s pregnancy because she thinks that Hope might have nightblood too. This is further proven by Sanctum offering Hope a “safe” place to grow up but her mother has to stay on the outside.
  • Ryker is going to prove vital in helping out our gang in Sanctum. He seems to not be on board with the Naming Ceremony at all which is odd considering his mother was being returned to him. Does he just want to be left dead? Is he more in allegiance with Gabriel? Was his first death a sacrifice to see if they chip technology actually works?
  • The Chip. We all wanted to get away from chips and flames and have something new on this new plant but these are the cards we’ve been dealt. So. What exactly is the deal? Is Clarke still in her own head and trapped in her own personal hell, reliving her worst moments ala Get Out? Is the way for Clarke to get free is to work through her demons and guilt? Part of Naming Day is for everyone to apologize for the deepest regrets and Clarke did that. Is that just a way for them to bring those painful memories to the surface to have them drown in them and keep them subdued?

Eliza Taylor has said several times during interviews and at cons that Clarke’s biggest regret is leaving Bellamy behind in Polis to die in the fighting pits. More than that, the show keeps bringing it up too. We know that we’re going to see her in Mount Weather again, so is she just bouncing around in her own brain, facing her demons as it were?

Now, freeing Clarke can feasibly go a few different ways:

  • They take the Flame out of Madi and put it in to Clarke since it at one time held her consciousness so she could reasonably somehow get back there.  
  • Seasons one-three Clarke lives in the Flame, and the rest of her is trapped in her own mind. April from Truth Be Told Media has a twitter thread on that, that you can read here. (https://twitter.com/April_Le_/status/1131027795541405696)
  • Since the Primes have never actually taken the Chip out of a living host before, how do they know that she won’t be the same and that she’s actually ‘dead’ in there? Maybe they take it out and she’s just fine. Or maybe they take it out and physically she’s fine but mentally all of her memories are gone. Interesting.
  • Not A Theory But An Observation: Bellamy says that the last party he went to resulted in Octavia being arrested. You lie, Bellamy Bradbury Blake. The last party you went to you hooked up with Clarke Lite aka Bree.
  • Bellamy and Murphy Will Be The First To Realize Clarke Isn’t Clarke: In the fanfic I have on a constant loop in my head, JoseClarke hits on Bellamy and makes him realize something is not quite right. We know Josephine is a flirty little thing and it’s feasible. We already know that Murphy and Clarke have their own special bond, albeit an antagonistic one. Put that together with the shot in the -still way too short-promo of Murphy and Bellamy looking in to the creepy skeleton room where JoseClarke was raised and a theory is born.
  • JoseClarke Will Go Looking For Gabriel aka The Old Man: The Children of Gabriel are all trying to get “the old man to come back to us.” Maybe he’s been waiting on Josephine this entire time. Maybe he’s in cryo somewhere that only she knows. We do have that shot of Clarke riding a motorcycle which Clarke doesn’t know how to do, but JoseClarke totally would. Furthermore, maybe she finds him and he convinces her to take out the chip and let them both die together and meet in a different life. It’s all very Romeo and Juliet.

That’s all for now. What did you think of The Face Behind The Glass? Were you impressed? Upset? Why for both? Drop a comment below or come play with us on Twitter @TVSource.

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