The 100 Review: “Red Sun Rising” – Hallucinations, Immune Murphy, Theories Galore

The 100 -- "Red Sun Rising" -- Image Number: HU602a_0220b.jpg -- Pictured: Eliza Taylor as Clarke -- Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
The 100 — “Red Sun Rising” — Image Number: HU602b_0008b.jpg — Pictured: Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Things I Didn’t Like

“If the air out there is toxic then we’re staying in here.”: Come on. You’re in a wooden house not on the ship! That’s not the way that works! I was almost insulted they even had Miller say that line, he’s smarter than that.

Octavia: I was originally planning on putting Octavia in honorable mentions again because I still couldn’t get a read on my feelings about her. I can feasibly understand that she feels guilt and wants to die for everything she’s done but she also refuses to accept actual responsibility for her actions. Then she talked badly about Monty and that was the final straw.

Monty Green was a hero who saved everyone repeatedly and even supplied her and her people with an option to not have to go to war-that she destroyed, by the way-so that everyone could live a peaceful life. To talk badly about him and call him a coward is uncalled for, period, but to do so to his son who just found out he’s lost both his parents? Well, that lands her firmly on the “don’t like” list.

Honorable Mentions

Abby: Abby seems to be taking on the Queen Bee role from Octavia and I’m truly not sure how I feel about that since she’s just as culpable in what happened in the bunker. She shouldn’t get a pass anymore than Octavia should for her behavior. Then again, her gentleness with Clarke and Bellamy upon finding them sprawled out on the ground is commendable. As is her interactions with Diyoza regarding delivering her baby. She stays in honorable mentions for the time being.

“My people aren’t safe here”/ “Dead. Consumed by the trees by now.” I don’t know what it means but it means something. Her people were already dead so clearly their bodies couldn’t get any more dead. And the trees have consumed the dead insects and possibly their dead people? This feeds in to my next section….


I have so many theories but the only one I’m going to touch on in this review is this:

In the season premiere, Clarke says that if she could go back and change everything she would but she can’t. Here me out though…what if she could?

Not like time-travel, but what if the people they are coming across in Sanctum are able to offer her some sort of simulation that allows her to go back and do things differently? What if she gets to see how everything would have played out had she made different choices? Maybe things were actually worse. Maybe they’re better. But…my main theory is that while she’s under simulation they do something to her to make her more like Josephine. After all, all that survived her father’s hallucination induced attack was himself and her genealogist boyfriend.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Josephine and Clarke look so similar. Everyone has praised Eliza Taylor this season for doing something totally different. What if it’s that she’s not just playing Clarke but also playing a Josephine/Clarke hybrid as she falls deeper in to Sanctum, and then ultimately becomes Josephine? Something to think about.

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