Days of our Lives Spoilers: June 17-21, 2019

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In this week’s Days of our Lives spoilers: Family and friends gather at the pub to share stories about a beloved Brady matriarch. Get a sneak peek at what happens in Salem in our Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of June 17, 2019.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: In Memoriam

Facing certain death, Will and Sonny get remarried. Lucas and Sami return to Salem just in time as Will fights for his life. While Stefan comforts Gabi about Will’s condition, Rex and Sarah create an antidote, but are they too late? As Sami and Lucas pray for Will’s recovery, Roman receives and shares more devastating news with Kayla. Their mother, Caroline Brady has died. Sami breaks the news about Caroline to Will while Kayla tells Victor. Hope also has a touching moment with Victor as he mourns Caroline.

More Days of our Lives Spoilers:

  • Kristen, disguised as Nicole, scrambles to hide Ted from Stefan and Abe
  • Maggie questions Xander about why he lied to her
  • Kate and Gabi discuss Nicole’s suspicious behavior
  • Ciara reveals to Tripp that Claire set both fires
  • Claire and Eve conspire to nail Ben
  • Ciara and Tripp pretend to believe Ben is guilty in front of Claire
  • Tripp breaks up with Claire, who becomes unhinged
  • Hope tries to track down a missing Ted
  • Kristen orders Xander to get rid of Ted
  • Rex tells Sarah he wants to get married immediately

Source Sneak Peek – DAYS Edition – Week of June 24, 2019

Kate overhears a shocking conversation; Jennifer urges Jack to take Dr. Rolf’s serum; Gabi and Stefan share a romantic night together; Tripp and Ciara’s plan goes horribly awry

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