Days of our Lives Week in Review: Masks and Romance

Gabi has a showdown with Xander.

Last week’s Days of our Lives was a wild one – two Susans running around Salem, Jack wants to take the memory restoration serum, two arrests are made while two women want to start new chapters in their lives. Ready for a run through the hourglass? This is the Days of our Lives week in review for July 15, 2019.

The Good

Stabi From the Heart: Stefan is in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, and Gabi is running around Salem telling anyone who will listen that he’s innocent, all the while saying she only wants to prove his innocence so she can be the one to take him down. Sweetie, no one is falling for that. Not even your brother believes that you don’t have feelings for him. Her little “pep-talk” to herself made me laugh. Everyone seems to be onto Gabi’s feelings for Stefan except her. Brady and Kate sure seem to think that there is more to her story than meets the eye. I would have to agree.

She needs to own up to her feelings. She needs to tell Stefan the truth. I know she won’t, but those fall out scenes will be great. Hopefully the truth comes out sooner than later. But the real question is, will Stefan forgive her? He sure knows a thing or two about doing the wrong thing for what you thought were the right reasons.

Kristen’s got a gun and two masks: Stacy Haiduk is a damn gem. Her Kristen is a borderline psycho with a soft heart. It’s amazing to me how multi-faceted she is when she gets to play Susan as well. Two characters that are iconic to Days of our Lives played by one woman who is a recast! Never thought I would see the day when I would love anyone but Eileen Davidson in the roles. I nearly busted a rib laughing when Xander stole her Nicole mask and she had to dress up like Susan Banks to try to get it back.

Those scenes at the Kiriakis mansion had me dying. This is honestly what Days is all about, people. Between Will and Sonny’s banter and poor Xander’s face before he realized it was Kristen, I was howling. Brady’s scenes with “Susan” was the cherry on the top. Eric Martsolf and Stacy Haiduk have such fantastic chemistry that even her Susan basically assaulting Brady came off funnier than cringe worthy.

Bottom line: Give that woman her Emmy.

Wilson Just Wants to Have Fun: I’m gonna be really honest here, guys. I haven’t enjoyed Will and Sonny this time around as much as I did before, but these scenes reminded me why I fell in love with them in initially. The cute banter in the bedroom was old-school WilSon. Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith still have that chemistry and I wish DAYS would use it more. If we had more of this WilSon, I would be a happy girl.

Elani Puts a Ring on It: Blink and you missed it (Side eye to you, DAYS), but Elani had the cutest moments of the week with Eli finally putting a ring on Lani’s finger.

How cute were those scenes between Lamon Archey and James Reynolds? Abe and Eli need to be on screen together more. As a matter a fact, so does Elani. These three are criminally underutilized and made to be almost like day players instead of a part of two core families of the show.

Do better when it comes to my Elani, Days. Don’t make me come for you.

The Meh

Kate and Ted’s Not So Excellent Adventure: Seriously, why put two of the most boring characters in the orbit of one of my favorite storylines? I don’t really care about Ted, and Kate hasn’t been relevant in a while (Change that for me, would you?). All Ted cares about is his own skin and “being a better man” for Hope. I honestly haven’t seen much of this “better man” he keeps talking about, but whatever.

As for Kate, I honestly don’t know what to do with her. They want her to come off as a family woman and a powerful mogul, but it just doesn’t work as they write it. The only one that she seems to spend time with is Rex. I was glad that she had that short phone call with Austin, but all she seemed to do was harp on him about his personal life. Is she the Jill Abbott of Days of our Lives? Please say no. Let us see her wheeling and dealing at Titan. Maybe seduce Victor again and put a wrench in his marriage to Maggie.

If you are going to give me more Kate, make it worth my while.

Rafe is Everyone’s Daddy: Why must Rafe be the stand-in father figure? I get that they need something for him to do now that he isn’t going to be in Hope’s orbit, but really? He’ll be de facto Daddy to little David, only to be devastated when she eventually comes back and takes him away from him. He’s a former FBI agent for goodness sake. Are you telling me he has nothing better to do than sit at home and bake cookies? I like Galen Gearing, honestly. I just wish they knew what the hell to do with him.

Two New Chapters Begin (Maybe): I really love the relationship between Hope and Jennifer. They have always been close, so it was nice to see them sitting together in the afternoon complaining about their lives and bolstering each other. Jennifer finally realized that her Jack just wasn’t going to come back to her. She decided to move on and called that poor doctor that she always leaves high and dry. Seriously man, have some self-respect and tell her to shove it.

Hope and Ted were getting busy at Doug’s Place. As much as I didn’t like Rope, I don’t know what to feel about Tope. Why does it feel like in every relationship she’s had since Bo she loses part of her brain? Ted is shady and she a part of her knows it. Why doesn’t she listen to herself?

By the way? Extra kudos to the writers for having Kate list Hope’s past mistakes with men. If Kate Roberts Kiriakis DiMera is saying you have a problem when it comes to men, you more than likely do.

The Ugly

Why So Many Flashbacks?: Good lord, why? Why show a thirty second flashback of something that literally happened one day ago? I could understand if it happened last week but come on! I honestly do not get it. It is a waste of airtime that I’m sure Ron could fill if you let him instead of cutting off his storylines.

We don’t need them. It’s annoying. Knock it off.

Dressed In The Dark: I get that Days has budget issues, but I could find better clothes at Wal-Mart. Who dresses these people? I would refuse to wear most of it. I would bring stuff from home and tell them to work with it.

Also, why is everyone running around in pantsuits and long sleeves when it is supposed to be July? I know they have an understanding of when these episodes are supposed to air. They live in Illinois!!! The Midwest gets hotter than balls in the summer! Get with the program, people!

All About Eve: Let me just say that I ADORE Kassie DePaiva. That being said, I hate Eve. I HATE HER. I can’t find one thing even remotely redeemable about her. I do feel bad for her about Paige, and yes, I understand why she would hate Ben for the rest of her life. I can understand that, but this whole “I’m the commissioner and I can’t do whatever I want” crap is getting old. Also, if you loved Jack so much, wouldn’t you want him to be whole? To be happy? He actually loves you, jackass. If you love him, you should support him.

But we all know she won’t. God only knows what she will do.

Eric/Sarah/Rex:  Can we please get all this crap off my television? I am so sick of seeing Eric cry over “Nicole” and Sarah making cow eyes at him. She’s a married woman. She married a man she didn’t love for the man she loves. Make that shit make sense. Rex is too stupid to see what is right in front of him. Since we all know Rex is going to leave town, can Sarah please just sit on Xander’s face some more? We all know that Nicole is going to come out of the woodwork alive and well with her daughter. Ericole is eventually going to be endgame.

Can my man Xander get some love???

See you next week!!!!

Jenna Kaylor
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