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In the TV Source Podcast’s new Week in Soaps episode for July 1-5, 2019: James can’t control his paranoia on Hollyoaks; Shiloh secured a sample of Wiley’s DNA on General Hospital; Nick and Chelsea made amends on The Young and the Restless; Thomas drugs Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful; Marlena talks Claire down on Days of Our Lives.

Taped: July 9, 2019
Producer: Johnathon K.

Hot Topics

Gordan Thompson (Dynasty) joins and Catherine Bach returns. Kyle Lowder OUT at DAYS. Happy 20th Passions!!


James and Harry have the internet in a tizzy.Or is it time for this ‘popular’ couple to break up? Scott and Levi go out, but Scott’s already holding a secret from him. Breda allowed Sylver to believe he murdered his father and set her eyes on Mercy, whose whole life is crumbling around her as Max’s latest visit once again ends in tears. 

General Hospital

A mystery woman booked a flight to Port Charles. Can it be Brenda? Shiloh secured a sample of Wiley’s DNA. Harmony revealed a damaging detail that implicated Shiloh in murder. Are the Scorpio brothers going to save Port Charles? Robert becomes DA meanwhile Mac becomes chief of police.  Scott proposed marriage to Bobbie – after sharing all of a scene together.

The Young and the Restless

Chelsea rebuffed Adam’s attempt to reunite. Nick and Chelsea made amends. Meanwhile, Calvin died shortly after an argument with Chelsea. Lola and Kyle tried to hide from Celeste the fact that they’d been living together. Devon hired Theo as Ana’s mentor.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas drugged Liam – the drug impaired his decisions and in doing so he slept with Steffy. Was this story as controversial and offensive as we expected? Yep. It is.

Days of Our Lives

Marlena saved Ciara from Claire, and Claire from suicide. Rafe slept with Carrie and soap twitter was not happy. J.J. and Haley made love. Eli proposed to Lani, and Kristen walked in on a very much alive Ted and Kate kissing! 

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Ashley Dionne
Ashley Dionne joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2014. She served as TV Source's deputy editor from 2016-2019. In 2021, she resumed hosting duties on the TV Source Podcast.

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