Days of Our Lives Week in Review: 7.29.19

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Welcome back to our weekly Days review! Sorry for the late post but sometimes life just gets in the way. A lot was going down in Salem this week and I had a lot of thoughts about it. Read below for the good, the bad, and the scandalous! This is our Days Of Our Lives week in review for 7.29.19

Ted and Hope

I must say that I had high hopes when these two first got paired together. I thought, “Hey, maybe he will bring her out of her shell and make her fun again!”. Needless to say that didn’t happen. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to see Hope stand up for her beliefs and morals when it comes to Ted. He’s a shady dude. Yes, he wants to be “better” for Hope; He wants to be a man who “deserves” her. But when you get down to it he has done some shady and questionable things. After everything Hope went through with Aiden, she wasn’t going to go down that route again. It really doesn’t matter how she feels about him. 

All of that being said, I’m sad to see Gilles Marini go. He could have been so much more than the sum of his parts. Wouldn’t it have been cool if he had been Franco Kelly’s brother? 

Alas, what could have been.


Eve’s house of cards fell around her as Jack found out she has pretty much been lying about everything. Wasn’t it kinda poetic and a nod to my review last week that Eve smashed those vials with a rock heart? I told y’all Eve doesn’t know how to love. She burns it all down. Not only did she destroy those vials, she shut down the lab that made it! She thought she had the last laugh, but Jack fired her. I loved how shocked she was. Did she honestly not see it coming? What was she expecting? More importantly, what is she going to do now? You know she isn’t done wreaking havoc in Salem. 

Can she sit on Xander’s face for a while? 


Gabriela Josephina Hernandez DiMera, I love you so much. 

Talk about a girl that goes for what she wants and doesn’t give a damn about the consequences! Not only did she marry Stefan, she’s stripped him of everything, became CEO of DiMera and kicked him out of the house. Damn girl! This is going to come back and bite her in the ass so hard. Whether she wants to believe it or not, she’s in love with Stefan. She cares so much more than she is willing to admit. 

Camila and Brandon have that special something. It is seriously reminiscent to the chemistry between Ali Sweeny and James Scott. There is a lot of hate bubbling over, but beneath the surface there is something so sexy and undeniable. I really hope that they figure it out sooner than later. I would really hate for Gabi to find herself alone in that big house just to realize this isn’t what she wanted. 

I also want a miracle baby. Get on it, Ron.


Kristen married her brother again. I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence. 

I’m assuming the show is disregarding that last iteration of Andre/Tony and when Tony “died” on the pier during that fight with Phillip was actually Tony and not Andre?

Anyway, Tony and “Nicole” are married. Can someone please explain to me how Brady is just okay with this? Isn’t he Nicole’s friend? Doesn’t he care about her at all? Why the hell is he just standing there letting her do this? Is he seriously that stupid? None of this rings any warning bells? The constant mentioning of Kristen, the obsession with DiMera? Nothing? Yikes. When all this comes out, I want Eric to rub it in Brady’s face that he knew there was something wrong. Just once. Let my priest be a petty bitch just once. 

But like most Kristen’s plans, this one blew up in her face. So now she’s gonna go after Gabi? If that gun is any indication, this may be how we lose our Stefan. Would he take a bullet for the woman who betrayed him?

Speaking of bullets, where are John and Marlena in all of this? They should be a bigger part of this storyline. Spoilers have me hoping for more and I really hope they deliver. 

If Kristen is going down, it should be a Black that puts her down.


The end is near! Thank God!

Now that “Nicole” is married, Eric had no choice but to drown his sorrows in greasy chinese food with his half-brother, nephew, nephew-in-law and the woman he is still pining for. 


Doesn’t dishy Eric Brady deserve something more than the constant pining over women who don’t want him or can’t be with him? My heart broke a little for him when he asked Roman what was wrong with him. I mean, he’s a good guy. He killed Daniel for all of us! Why can’t he have a romantic love interest? 

Alas we all know what is going to happen. He and Sarah will get together and be happy for a while. Nicole will inevitably come back, Holly in tow, and Eric will once again be stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

Can Sarah sit on Xander’s face after that?


Eli is the new commish! He will probably be the best one since Abe. Does this mean that Elani will finally get a story? Please don’t tell me that this will be the kiss of death that puts them as outliers in every story without ever having one of their own. I love Elani and Sal and Lamon deserve to shine again in a new story. I really hope that the writers have some ideas for these two because they could honestly be the best cop duo since Bo and Hope roamed those halls. 

Bottom line: Give them a story that’s well written. Sal and Lamon have the acting chops to get it done. Give it to them.

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