‘The 100’ Fandom: Season Six Memes and Jokes

You know what I love about The 100? Season six up until the last two episodes but more than that, the ability for this fandom to turn any and everything that disappoints them in to a meme or a joke of some sort. Look around twitter, tumblr, instagram and it’s memes, memes everywhere the eye can see.

Now, this compilation is slanted in the Bellarke of it all because, well, they seem to be the ones making all of the jokes. I’d love to add more from a general point of view as well so please, feel free to share them.

Below are just a few of this fandoms greatest hits and I’m positive I missed some great ones and would love to see your favorites! We would also love to give credit where it’s due so if you see yours listed please let us know!

And this piece wouldn’t be complete without this truly legendary twitter thread:

What’s been your favorite joke or meme of season six? Sound off below or on twitter @TVSource!