“The 100” Finale Drinking Game


Come on, you didn’t really think I’d let us go in to another never-ending hiatus without one of these to send us off with, did you? Especially with the knowledge that this is out last ever months long hiatus? Of course not. As always, I’ve got your back. Tonight is the season finale of The 100 and it (and we) deserve the proper send off.

If you’re of legal drinking age in your country then grab some shots, some beer, so wine, or all of the above (we don’t judge) and let’s get started. If you’re not of drinking age I recommend water. Hydration is important, guys. In fact, I’m hydrating right now in preparation of all the alcohol I’m likely to consume tonight.  It must be noted that we here at TV Source have not seen the finale and this is all based off of fandom theories/total long-shots.

Got your beverage of choice? Then let’s get started. And as always, as fun as drinking games are, drink responsibly.

Take One Shot If:

  • Someone says “together”
  • If Diyiza or Jordan show back up (two shots if they both show up!)
  • If a main or secondary character dies (two if one of each)
  • If the awakened grounders blindly follow Madi
  • If Octavia sacrifices herself

Take Two Shots If:

  • If you cry for any reason
  • If you get confused by any plot points
  • If Simone tricks Clarke in to thinking she’s Abby
  • If the flame isn’t taken out of Madi’s head
  • If Josephine someway, somehow returns.

Chug! If:

  • Someone pulls a lever
  • People go in to the anomaly
  • If Clarke and Bellamy are split up AGAIN
  • If the dog shows up
  • If all of the OG delinquents survive the season, including Bellamy and Raven

What drink will you be sipping on tonight? We’ll be having pickle backs for our viewing party. Good luck tonight and we’ll see you on the other side!

Watch The 100 finale TONIGHT on The CW at 9/8c.

Heather Mason
Heather Mason joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2017 with plans to cover The CW's 100.

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