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In the TV Source Podcast’s new Week in Soaps episode for September 23-27, 2019: Hollyoaks Maxine finally gets exposed but Sienna and Damon are the ones who are suffering; Y&R is The Adam Show; something is amiss on GH and Jack gets his memories back on DAYS!

Taped: September 29, 2019
Panel: Ryan, Ashley, Jonathan K., Coryon
Producer: Jonathan K.

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Hollyoaks (03:45 – 50:00)

LOTS OF BIG HOLLYOAKS NEWS! Tony’s half-sister is coming to town, Hollyoaks Later returns, flash forward, Warren and John Paul returns, etc!

The alt-right extremism story takes a turn when a bomb drops goes off in the village thanks to Jonny. Though there were no casualties, Yaz is injured and has gone deaf! Ste almost escaped their clutches but is beaten back into submission by Jonny and Stuart. When and how will he break free?

Mitchell and Scott continue their push and pull and co-host Ashley couldn’t be more delighted. Mitchell seems more attracted to Anita, but a rift forms when Scott (who gets a hold of Mitchell’s medical files) exposes Maxine’s Munchausen diagnosis to the village! If that wasn’t enough, these two get an angst filled montage set to Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”!

Finally Maxine is exposed as the lying liar she is. Unfortunately for her, others are caught in the fallout – Damon is imprisoned, Sienna and Brody’s relationship hits the skids. But amid the chaos, there’s good news for Sienna – her sister Liberty is pregnant with her and Brody’s baby! Too bad she and Brody are on the outs. Meanwhile, is Liberty being chem tested with Sylver? All of this drama as Warren Fox’s return looms closer.  

The Young and the Restless (50:05 – 1:13:36)

What a mess. With no sense of longterm story, things are happening just to be happening. Is this the “iconic sensibility” we were promised?

Billy’s DID s cured after one standalone episode. Though the actors performed well, the writing was very inconsistent. Victor’s “death” was to a ploy to reconnect with Adam? When will the Adam Show end? Mark Grossman putting in WORK, but we need a break from Adam. Now.

As happy as we are to see Mishael Morgan (a scoop we broke) back at Y&R, we’re unsure what to make about her new character. Amanda Sinclair has touched down in Genoa City! Who is she working for? What is her connection to Hilary? Will she be fully utilized across the canvas? And where can we burn the factory where Mishael’s wig was crafted? We now know Amanda is here to take Devon’s money away and gift it to….Cane! What the hell?

General Hospital (1:13:40 – 1:32:35 )

Kim decides to give in to her psychotic fantasies and sleeps with DrewCo! Julian decides to not kill Obrecht for Brad because he loves Kim! Elizabeth slaps the shit out of Kim when she catches her in her mess! Why is Kim still here?

What are we going to do with Sam McCall… Seriously? Despite being the focus of the last week of episodes, something was amiss and it’s time it’s addressed.

Is there a potential teacher/student grooming story on the horizon with Josslyn?

Days of our Lives (1:32:40 – 2:06:42)

Now that we can talk about it…we share initial thoughts and hopes on what the time jump will bring!

Jennifer was doing so well being independent, but Dr. Shah kidnaps her and Jack comes to the rescue! Jack’s memories returned finally putting an end to MAGAJack and bringing back the “real Jack” fans have been asking for. #YallWon.

Why are people telling Ciara how to act in the face of Jordan her assailant? Characters tell her she’s being hypocritical, but she’s also entitled to her opinions. From the trailer, we know Jordan and Claire will team up. But how and why? Is she really reformed?

Kristen makes a plan to steal Sarah’s embryo when she goes for an abortion only to find she’s already pregnant. Sarah decides to keep her baby.

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