Podcast S3 EP 36: Week in Soaps – “What is the Point, Really?”


In the TV Source Podcast’s new Week in Soaps episode for September 30-October 4, 2019: Netflix renewals for Elite and Dear White People; Scott refuses to be a second choice and Harry’s body is discovered on Hollyoaks; General Hospital’s Carly gives birth and Lulu finds out Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter; trickery on The Young and the Restless as Victor fakes his death and Devon’s billions are said to be earmarked for con-artist Cane; Julie nears her end as Stefan is shot protecting his mother on Days of our Lives.

Taped: October 6, 2019
Panel: Ryan, Ashley, Jonathan K., Coryon
Producer: Jonathan K.

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The Hot Topics (1:11)

  • Netflix’s Elite renewed for a third season (and it’s already been filmed)!
  • Netflix’s Dear White People renewed for its fourth and final season.
  • Days of our Lives annual Day of Days fan event returns Nov. 9.
  • ABC checks out of the Grand Hotel.
  • Insecure and Uninvited: Insecure star Amanda Seales kicks off drama by attending a party for black Hollywood that she was purposely not invited to…for the second year in a row. Drama!
  • Hollyoaks’ Jamie Lomas and Emmerdale’s Sammy Winward tea up for a new project about homelessness.
  • Ratings surge for Hollyoaks in light of the alt-right radicalization storyline.
  • At the end of each US soap segment, we discuss one thing we like about the soap, as recommended to us by a frequent listener on Twitter.

Hollyoaks (20:18 )

As Mitchell continues to deny himself the right to be happy, Scott calls his bluff by forcing a confrontation between himself (as Anita Tinkle) and Mitchell. We react to Scott standing up for what he deserves and refusing to be someone’s second choice.

Cindy and Luke’s dalliance heats up but Luke’s feelings for ex-wife Mandy has him keeping Cindy is the friends (with benefits) zone. Why does Cindy keep picking guys who don’t see her for her true self? Additionally, hosts praise Cindy going to her little brother Tom to secure the funding to restore the Cunningham family as power players in town.

Outstanding praise for Nick Pickard’s performance this week as Tony breaks down to Breda about losing his children. When Breda takes Tony to visit Harry’s grave, it sets forth a chain of events that has Breda scrambling for control. It’s time for all the residents of the village who know pieces of the puzzle to get together in one room and connect them!

General Hospital (53:40)

Carly’s advanced maternal age pregnancy has come to an end, resulting in the birth of baby girl Donna Courtney Corinthos!

Sam gets arrested for her justified killing of Shiloh. What’s the love of her life doing while she’s in lockup? Tending to his adult baby, I mean best friend, Carly.

Fiery Lesley Lu makes an appearance! When Lulu overhears Dr. Obrecht and Sasha discussing the secret about Sasha’s maternity, Lulu is determined to expose the truth. One of our favorite soap tropes is used to further this (beyond drawn out) story!

The Young and the Restless (1:15:20)

In what should be of no surprise to anyone, Victor is of course alive. Confusion about as to what was the point of this story? Hell, what is the point of anything on Y&R at the moment? Anyways, Chelsea and Phyllis are furious with the family for traumatizing their children, and Summer really lets them have it. It won’t last long.

With Amanda declaring that Katherine meant to leave Cane the bulk of her fortune and not Devon, you’d expect more POV for Devon right? Well, that isn’t happening, and we have some things to say about it.

Days of our Lives (1:42:50)

Is it hard to be invested in the stories playing out right now with the time jump looming? We discuss.

Days is the best soap on US TV, evident this week with the beautifully woven narratives of life and death. With the sands of Julie’s hourglass nearing its end, Kate tells the police it was Vivian who shot her. This leads to a confrontation between Lani and Vivian that ends in Stefan being mortally wounded! Enter Queen Gabi.

Speaking of Gabi, we believe this storyline has firmly crowned Gabi DAYS’ newest heroine. She may be a vixen, but this tragic loss is soap heroine gold, baby. Her evolution over the years has been legendary, bow down to your new Sami Brady.

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Ryan White-Nobles
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