Podcast S3 EP 37: Week in Soaps – Kneeling Optics

Gabi lashes out at Lani for killing Stefan.

Controversy on the floor in Salem! The TV Source staff tackles the big soap twitter hot topics and more in the Week in Soaps episode for October 7, 2019. Days of our Lives recasts, production hiatus and the Gabi/Lani scenes that sparked outcry; Hollyoaks three-hander on deck plus reaction to Brooke’s epiphany and Mitchell’s lashing out at Scott; General Hospital’s big wedding drama builds to a disappointing reveal.

Taped: October 14, 2019
Panel: Ryan, Ashley, Jonathan K., Coryon
Producer: Jonathan K.

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The Hot Topics (0:00:52)

  • DAYS’ Arianna Horton will have a new look when the series jumps a year ahead; and Brandon Beemer returns May 2020 for a few episodes reports Jason 47.
  • Hollyoaks is planning a special three-person episode that will feature the climax of the Scott/Mitchell/Chloe triangle. Also: the Deveraux-Loveday family is expanding.

Hollyoaks ( 0:16:45 )

Maxine suffers setback after setback. The hosts grapple with being understanding of her illness, but also wanting her to suffer as much and as often as possible! The chance for a fresh start gets wiped out when she STEALS from the only man in town talking about forgiveness.

Scott and Mitchell finally succumb to their sexual tension in the Corbin Fisher sponsored Hollyoaks production “Breaking in Mitchell”. But their post-coital bliss is interrupted when Mitchell learns his grandfather suffered a stroke while he himself was getting stroked. Some hosts managed to sympathize with Mitchell despite his violent outburst, but as another points out, would we feel the same if this was a heterosexual pairing?

Want a good teen pregnancy story to get into? Autistic teen Brooke decides not to bow to pressure from her boyfriend and others and decides to give up their child for adoption because she’s not ready, and truthfully neither is Ollie.

General Hospital (0:46:56)

The wedding no one cared for – Valentine and Nina – finally happened but before the two could say “I do,” Lesley Lu (not a shrew) exposed Valentin for the lying liar he is, and revealed Sasha is not Nina’s daughter! It was the moment we were waiting for, the moment when Cynthia Watros would be unleashed in all her crazy glory! But somehow it fell flat. We discuss the possible reasons why, and why there’s still hope to salvage her run as Nina.

Days of our Lives (1:04:23 )

Everyone badgers a grieving Gabi to donate Stefan’s heart to Julie, ending with her forcing Lani to get on her knees and beg Gabi to okay the procedure. While a good soap moment, there was a lot of mixed emotions on social media surrounding the imagery. We dive deep into the controversy and express support for the women who felt their voices were being marginalized.

Also: Rolf’s experiments on Hope as revenge for “killing” Stefano years ago means we’re seeing the reemergence of Princess Gina!

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